Adding Value To Your Site

Have you ever wondered what sets your sites apart from the biggest on the web? Or maybe you just want to figure out an easy way to get more visitors, more bookmarkers, or just more money? I hear you - and there is one way to really gain the trust, loyalty, and interest of the people that stop by your site every day - have you ever thought of adding value to your site?

Value added is a buzz phrase that you have probably heard in all sorts of marketing speak, but it's just as important in porn as it is in, say, McDonald's. You want to give your surfers something different, something that will catch their eye and make them stop at your site every day instead of your competitor. You can't do that if you're just random tgp number 20200303 or babeblog 100,000,000. So let's look at a few quick ways to add value to your site.

This can be a blessing or a curse. If you want to do actual reviews, first of all it's very time consuming. A thorough, honest review can take upwards of a few hours to do, depending on how much you need to go through on the site. There is also the problem, especially for PPS promoters, that the member's area just isn't that good. You're then stuck wondering whether to put up the review at all and hurt sales on your site, or get bookmarkers angry at you. For revshare, I always err on the side of bookmarkers - for PPS, it really comes down to your personal preference. The other option is to do mini reviews that just hype the positive aspects of the site, and either don't mention or downplay the negatives. If you're looking to develop bookmarker loyalty, however, honest is the way to go.

New site announcements
Once you've been around for some time, you can end up with a big bookmarker base that is getting sick and tired of the sites that you show again and again. New site announcements give them new to look at - and you can also incorporate this with your mini reviews. I've always found good response to new site announcements on any of the bookmarker centric traffic sites that I've run.

If you have a tgp, link list, or some type of site that isn't a blog, you might want to just add on a little blog section. You don't have to let it take over your site, but even if you just show off some behind the scenes stuff you will still pick up some traffic from this. You might not think your life as an adult webmaster is all that glamorous, but you would be surprised at what your traffic thinks is interesting and cool.

For TGPs making your own galleries is always a good idea, the same with link lists and freesites - it gives your surfer something that they can't see anywhere else, and that gives them yet another reason to come to you instead of somewhere else.

That's all it comes down to, honestly - you just want to give your surfers what they want, all in one neat little package, and you want to stand out from the crowd. Whether that means you make a bunch of galleries or you blog about your drunken parties, you end up getting yourself more traffic - and that's always a good thing.

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