Auto-Submitters 101

The past few years have seen an explosion in the technology of auto submitters. These programs allow a person to submit their TGP galleries to 100’s of sites in a manner of minutes instead of the hours it would take to do the submissions by hand. This article will cover some of the features as well as the good and bad aspects to auto submitters.


There are several auto submitters available to webmasters these days. Chameleon Submitter ( Advanced Submitter ( and Dream Submitter ( are the most popular ones. There are others out there, but these three seem to dominate the market. 

These programs started out as a basic submitter and have now blossomed into full functioning pieces of software. They can create thumbnail previews for your galleries, read the paraphrase codes on submission pages, auto confirm emails and even allow you to create custom databases. The most useful of these features are undoubtedly the auto confirmation of emails and the custom user databases. 

These days many TGPs require webmasters to have a partner account or password to submit galleries to them. These programs will allow you to customize the database and input you username and/or password. You can also easily remove or add sites to the database. Getting a good database together takes time and effort. There are literally 100’s, if not 1000’s of TGP sites out there these days so you can spend a lot of time updating the database and getting partner accounts with these sites. If you are serious about making money submitting TGP galleries, this will be time well spent. These programs do update the database. They will periodically add and remove sites from the database which really is a big help. 

The auto-confirm feature will save you a ton of time. It’s not uncommon to get a couple hundred confirmation emails when you submit a gallery. All of these emails have a link you have to click or cut and paste to confirm your submission. You could spend hours just doing that. The auto-confirm feature can handle this job in a matter of minutes, freeing you up to do something more productive.

There are other features these programs offer including manual submission modes, auto-filling in forms and scheduling submissions in advance. Needless to say the features on these programs are so involved now that it would take a small book to cover every little thing they can do.


That is the age old question. Some people will say that the only way to make real money with TGP galleries is to hand submit, buy passwords to the big sites and stick to submitting to a small number of higher traffic sites. Others will tell you every site that sends any hits is a good site to submit to. I personally believe in doing a little of both. I hand submit to the big sites and the sites I have purchased partner accounts to and I use the auto-submitter to do the rest. 

The good side of this is that the auto-submitter only takes me a few minutes to run and can get me some nice extra traffic. The bad side is that there is no way anyone will read the rules on everyone of these sites so you may end up breaking some rules and getting yourself blacklisted on some sites. Also if you screw up and enter some information incorrectly you could end up duplicating your mistake 100’s of times. It wasn’t too long ago I accidentally entered the wrong path for my sample thumbs. So I ended up submitting and uploading the wrong sample thumb for that gallery. Most of these programs have a results page and will show you if you submission was accepted or rejected or failed to go through. If it tells you that you are black listed check out the site and see what rules you broke. It wouldn’t hurt to send the site owner an email apologizing and explaining what happened. You never know they may send you a password and you can add them to your hand submit list. 

If you keep your database current, keep track of the sites you submit to and stay in contact with the site owners, you may find one of these auto-submit programs becoming a must have item. If you try to use it to spam your galleries, cheat or you are just too lazy to pay attention to what you are doing with it, you could find yourself blacklisted all over the place.

Go forth and be wise. As Spider Man said, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” The same could be said for mass submissions of TGP galleries.



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