Don't Be Afraid to Be Negative

If you run a blog, a review site, or any kind of website that your surfers base their opinions on what you say, then this is an article you can't miss.

To Be, or Not To Be Negative:
Let's say that you own/run a blog. What kind of blog is it? Is it used strictly for Search Engine hits? Or are you giving honest reviews of websites (ex: reviews of solo teen sites, reviews of the best anal sites, etc.) If your website attracts visitors that love to read honest opinions about porn websites, then you need to be honest. In being honest, that means you will be giving both good and bad reviews. Don't shy away from being negative, that's what your surfers are looking for: an honest review and/or opinion.

Put Yourself In Their Shoes:
Always put yourself in the shoes of your surfers. What would you like to read about? Would you like hundreds of reviews that said that they are "good" and "worth joining"? Of course not, and your surfers don't want that either. Building a good relationship with your surfers, by being honest, is what gets the surfers to bookmark your site and keeps them coming back from more.

Being Negative & Sales:
Just because you are being both positive and negative, it doesn't mean that your revenue will take a dive. Your sales will actually increase from gaining more bookmarks and from returning surfers that have listened to your honest opinion before and loved the site(s) they joined and they're back to see what other sites are worth their hard-earned dollars. This is where being negative actually benefits you and your sales, and of course your surfers as well. Remember, a site is nothing without paying surfers.

The Art of Point of Sale:
Because you're being honest with your surfers, you can combine this with a strategy that will lead your surfers all to one site. An example of doing this would be to pick a site you've been waiting to review/talk about that you are truly into. Talk about it, rave about it, get excited about all of the features that the site has to offer. You could even make it a monthly thing, such as "Site of the Month", where your surfers know that this the site is the best-of-the-best for that month. Your surfers are looking for you to lead them, so lead them!

Also with trust of your faithful surfers, you can up-sell products with ease. By simply stating "Hey, I found this product, it's the best and it's a must have!", you will have your visitors flocking to it like moths to a flame. Just be careful of how many times you up-sell though. Your surfers will eventually get the picture that you're there to only take their money.

So in a nutshell, remember to truthful to your visitors. Give them the good and the bad, and they'll repay you in trust and eventually in sales.

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