Multiple Income Streams for Blogs

If you have a blog, or want to start up a blog, then you will need to know your earning potential for it. You will need to know all the great ways to get income from one site, and this article will help you find your perfect recipe for sales.

Let's start off by listing a few income streams for a blog. You can advertise dating sites, live webcams, sex toys, and even other niche-similar websites. The benefits of promoting dating sites is that those who get lonely and/or tired of looking at porn might want to see if they can find the real thing out in the world, because let's face it, a man can only satisfy for so long before craving another human being to "lend a hand" (so to speak).

Live webcam shows is great for those that might need to spice up their online porn adventures. Instead of seeing porn video after porn video, they can go into a webcam chat session with the woman (or man!) of their dreams and virtually direct the webcam performer to their desires. It's also a good idea to market webcams as such, instead of the classic line "Free Webcams!" Come on, visitors know that it's not free by now. Stop shooting yourself in the foot with way-over-used promotion lines, and start talking to your visitors as if they were your friends.

You can up-sell on your blog for extra income as well. If most of your visitors are men, promote male enhancing products or sex toys for guys (pocket pussies, anyone?) Gear your up-sell products towards your traffic and towards the theme of your blog, and you'll have their curiosity getting the best of them by clicking for more information and hopefully clicking their way to the checkout page.

Selling other niche sites that are similar to your blogs niche theme is a great way to get another stream of income. If you run a teen blog of solo girl websites, it might be a good idea to advertise a website that has a whole archive of different girls doing various things such as orgies, girl on girl, blowjobs only, etc. This way your surfer can find all of his same-niche fantasies in a one-stop-shop. But also don't forget to throw in a completely out of the ordinary promotion as well. You wouldn't believe how many straight men are curious and turned on by tranny porn! Play around with your traffic and see what gets the clicks and what doesn't.  Eventually you will find the right recipe for sales for your specific blog and the traffic that flows into it.

You eventually want your one site to have multiple streams of income so that your profits are maximized. Think of your blog as an empire and start building it to be one. Give your surfers options and let them choose what they want to buy!

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Queenie says:
This forum needed sakhing up and you?ve just done that. Great post!
June 30th, 2011
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memo memo
March 17th, 2009
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