CCBill - The Breakdown for affiliates

Since CCBill is arguably the most used visa and mastercard payment processor for adult sites this article will breakdown how an affiliate goes about promoting paysites that use CCBill as the main processor and what the benefits are for them. In future articles we will discuss other types of merchant solutions for adult businesses and will cover up and coming adult merchant account credit card processing providers such as High Risk CC and High Risk Experts.  

CCBill basics:
CCBill is a third party payment processor, they also offer hosting.  Basically CCBill can take payments online via credit cards, online checks, and web 900.  The benefit of using CCBill as a third party for affiliates is that they get one single check and there is less of a threat of them scamming because each individual paysite program isn’t running the stats and sending the checks.  Also because that is all CCBill does they can get the best rates and create the best software.
Becoming an affiliate:
The first time you signup with CCBill as an affiliate through a paysite program you will have to give out your personal information.  For instance if you wanted to promote a site that wootwootcash has you would go to the ‘signup’ page and click the button there which takes you to a secure CCBill webpage.  You can feel safe putting your data in there because CCBill has a big privacy policy and only CCBill will get this info, not the paysite owner.  You have to provide the info though for tax reasons and so they know where to send you payment.  After you complete the form you will get forwarded to a page giving you your account number and info about the program.  Once you fill out that big form the first time CCBill saves your info and the next program you want to signup to you use the quick box and you can ‘group’ your accounts so you get only 1 check, or if for some reason you want to get multiple checks you just signup again like you did the first time but grouping is one of the main perks of using CCBill because they only charge you fee’s one time no matter how many paysites you promote unlike if you used multiple payment processors then you get hit with more fees! 
Checking Stats:
Once you are an affiliate with CCBill you can login at with the info you were given when you signed up.  Inside there are many options and different ways you can break down your stats to help you figure out what paysites are selling the best.  Clicking the “tools” tab shows you all the various paysite programs you have grouped under your master account and gives you options to see what each individual program is paying you under “program details”, the “get banners” link should show you any ads that the program offers you but in many cases the actual program site you signed up with usually have more material than linked through that.  Clicking the “reports” tab gives you a number of options that you can explore but the “transactions” link is the most useful one that will show you how many sales, to what program, for how much, etc.  I suggest simply clicking everything to see what you can find out, you won’t break anything or lose any money.
Getting Paid:
CCBill pays out weekly but your first check is delayed two weeks from when you reach the minimum payout.  The default minimum payout is $25.00 but you can have that increased if you want.  CCBill can pay you via a check, sent standard mail.  Or you can request to get it fedexed for an additional fee.  Also if you want to get a wire you have to contact CCBill directly and fax them your bank information to set that up and they charge more for a wire.  Generally for a check the fee CCBill charges is very small, usually a few bucks.  If you are promoting more than one paysite or program as long as when you signed up under your master account you will get one check, if you don’t have all your accounts grouped you can email CCBill and they will do that for you so you don’t have multiple checks.

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