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Search engine traffic is the best traffic you can get for click-to-sale ratios. Nothing else beats SE traffic and nothing else comes even close to it. It's up to you make sure your sites are listed not only high in search engines, but they are listed accurately!

SEO Basics:
Search engine traffic is different than any other traffic simply for one reason: the traffic finds YOU! But what if traffic finds your website and it's not what they're looking for? Well, this would be your fault because the quality of your SEO isn't spot-on. Have you ever done a web search for a specific topic only to find yourself landing on a page or website that was totally not what you were looking for? That's because the SEO was for a topic not related (or not entirely related) to the topic the website claimed to be and this is all due to bad SEO.

While there is no magic formula for SEO, there is a basic one:
*Website Content/Text

The magic of good SEO happens when all 3 of these match up.

The basic SEO format is the following:

<meta name="description" content="This is where your site description will go.">
<meta name="keywords" content="blonde, blonde cougar, mature blonde, blonde mature babe.">

There are many more options that you could add on, but this article is just about the basics of SEO, not about all the tricks of the trade. So for starters, just plug in your own info, add it to your website and submit to search engines. Keep in mind that the content/text of your website should be good honest content, not a keyword dump land. Below are a couple of examples of what to do and what not to do.

Title="Teen Brunette with Old Guy"
Keywords="brunette teen, mature guy sex, old guy teen sex"
Description="This old guy knows exactly how to please this 19 year old brunette teen babe!"

Title="Blonde Babe Masturbating"
Keywords="porn, sex, cock"
Description= "This is a porn site."

Another tip is to not use too many keywords in your meta tags. Just use the right keywords that accurately describe your site and what a surfer can find there. As mentioned above, don't make your site a website full of keywords in your content. Hiding words in a white text on a white background is a perfect example of what not to do. Make your page relevant to the search that surfers are looking for. What's the point of getting listed in google on the first page if your website isn't relevant to what you're selling? And last, but not least, SEO doesn't happen overnight. Be patient.

Now that you understand the common sense of SEO, apply it to your website(s) and submit it to search engines. The two biggest ones are obviously Google and Yahoo, but don't forget about the other search engines such as MSN, AOL, etc. Once you mastered the SEO basics, you can continue to learn more about SEO and all the tricks that you can do to get listed high and stay listed!

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Rafael says:
Drupal is very powerful. I think, if some one don't mind to make their hands dirty by trniyg to modify or write new code, Drupal is the best to create web pages.
August 21st, 2012
at 11:06am EST
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Demelza says:
That's 2 cleevr by half and 2x2 clever 4 me. Thanks!
June 29th, 2011
at 2:48pm EST
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