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Over the years, I have been involved with the adult industry in several capacities including marketing adult services and websites, content sales, site promotion, and of course various writing assignments. My experience in and out of this industry coupled with my educational background has lead me to believe that I have a pretty good grasp of what it takes to run a successful online adult paysite. I have written many articles giving webmasters tips on how to design, market, and promote their sites. I pride myself in keeping up-to-date with the trends in the industry, and as part of my research, I ensure that I am always on top of what is latest and greatest. To do this, I am constantly investigating new products and services, interviewing industry leaders, and reviewing emerging paysites. One thing that I have found lately while reviewing sites is that many of them seem to contain content that is old, tired looking, and completely outdated.

When I think about who is to blame for the infiltration of this outdated content, the fingers can be pointed in two directions, the content providers and the webmasters who purchase the content. I have reviewed the portfolios of most of the larger content providers out there and it seems that a good many of them offer packages that contain pictures and videos that date back to the early eighties. As soon as you see a woman with teased hair, a girl having sex with her slouch socks still on, or a setting with pastel colors, you know the content is not exactly fresh. Although the sexual acts themselves have not changed that much in twenty years, the styles, graphics, and camera work have. The older content is grainy, out-of-focus, and looks a little too “staged”. The stuff that is produced these days is high quality, quick downloading, real looking content. Why is it that content providers still try to pawn off their old, stale content on webmasters when the content that is produced today looks much better? They do it because they can offer it cheaper and bundled into huge content packages and they know that webmasters will buy it. 

Webmasters are as much, if not more, to blame for the amount of outdated porn that is circulating the adult Internet. If webmasters did not purchase this content, for the big discount they probably get it for, then we would not have to be subjected to the torture of reliving the days of Miami Vice. Webmasters buy this archaic content because they get it for a good price. Why would they want to pay twice as much for content, when they can receive the eighties content so cheap, bundled in a nice little package? Sometimes content companies even try to confuse webmasters when they sell them these “packages”. They show them a package that offers members everything from pictures, to videos and live feeds and it all looks like high-quality, brand new content. But once webmasters get the content on their site and they dig deeper into the package, they may realize that the content may not all be as fresh as they thought. Then they face the dilemma of going to another package that may cost twice as more or hoping that their members really do not mind a little porn that dates back to when they were children. 

Webmasters truly need to understand the mind of a paying customer. Sure, they are purchasing porn because they want to get off, but if that is all they want to do, then there is more than enough free content circulating the Internet to assist them in doing so. They are paying for their content because they are hoping to get the very best, the stuff that they cannot get for free elsewhere. Surfers are lured in by the paysite tour catch phrases such as “never before seen footage” and “thousands of videos updated daily”. They pay to see updated content that is high quality, unique, and fulfilling. A good portion of the content that I am seeing these days does not exactly fit into this category. If members are continually forced to accept poor quality, eighties content, then they are either going to take their credit cards elsewhere, or they are going to give up on paying for porn altogether. 

Whether we like it or not, outdated content is something that is a reality in this industry. As long as the content companies keep selling it, the webmasters will keep buying it. This online adult business is full of many people that are more concerned about making the quick buck, then ensuring the satisfaction of their customers. My advice to you would be to first get rid of all of your outdated content, but I know that this is easier said than done. I think if you are going to offer your members this outdated porn, you might as well put it in it’s own category labeled “vintage” or “old school” porn. Perhaps you can even make this outdated content into a new niche. If you are adamant on keeping your older content, make sure that you have more than enough newer content to keep your members from having to resort to putting on the Rick Springfield beats while trying to get off to your older stuff.

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Meriem says:
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August 22nd, 2012
at 11:40am EST
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Charlotte says:
AFAIC that's the best asenwr so far!
June 30th, 2011
at 5:42am EST
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