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Heres a quick breakdown for those of you unfamiliar with content providers. Content providers are business-to-business providers of pictures, movies, games, or anything that would typically go in an adult webmasters member area. A majority of adult-oriented websites use content providers to obtain such materials, as the only alternative is shooting pictures and movies on ones own which is very costly and inefficient for most firms. If you are planning a widespread distribution of materials that youve created yourself or if you have a particularly popular amateur whose content you would prefer to maintain rights over, producing your own content may be a viable solution. Even if this is the case, however, it is wise to supplement the materials youve created with purchased content in order to compete in the adult industry as member areas become increasingly larger.

Content providers are springing up left and right as the mature adult arena becomes more and more competitive, contributing to the complexity of choosing which content system best suits your needs. There are many factors to consider once youve made the decision to buy content for your website. Important considerations include the content providers specialty niches, the response time involved when dealing with the provider, the types of membership benefits and updates the content provider offers, the legality of the models involved in producing the content, and the membership fees and commission systems currently in place are all important. It is critical that you assess the niche that you are targeting; identify the type of content you are after by matching content materials to your keywords. An equally important consideration is that of your constraints; it is crucial to consider the money you have available to spend, the timeframes in which you will be working, and the time commitment involved in the laborious process of maintaining your site. Depending upon your particular needs, you may be searching for any variety of small series or bulk packages. Following is a short review of the important characteristics exhibited by a few of the major content providers weve worked with:

Name: AdultContent
Content Type: Full video, TGP ready video, and Photo sets.
Content Prices: Full videos $50 and up, TGP ready videos $35 and up, and photo sets $20 and up.
Features: provides exotic, stimulating hardcore and softcore content at a fantastic price. They utilize the highest quality technology available to ensure that youre offering your visitors the quickest, clearest videos available on the Net. They offer exclusive content for those tailoring their sites to be unique. They refresh their materials weekly; often making modeling shoots downloadable for purchase directly after theyve taken place. Everything available on their site is available through and alone, as they purchase exclusive rights to all of the materials displayed on their site and they shoot the majority of it themselves. Member benefits include a license to use stimulating new content for free every so often, exclusive member discounts, and generous gift certificates. Additionally, can guarantee that virtually every model displayed on their site is over the age of eighteen and is willing to provide proof of majority concerning any model theyve ever worked with, instantly.

Name: AEBN
Content Type: Straight, Fetish, Gay, Exclusive, and Custom packages; A la carte videos.
Content Prices: Dependant upon size of membership base.
Features: AEBN offers a wide variety of content, providing thirty categories from hundreds of studios every month. They reserve a limited number of spots for their exclusive content packages, through which all of the video feeds you choose will be exclusive to your site. This means that these videos will not be showing on any other site on the web. Additionally, every month AEBN will change out your entire content package with new content that will be exclusive to your site that month. Customize consoles are available to match your website design. They also offer quick turnaround as each company has their own designated sales reps to help with marketing, set-up, or any problems that arise.

Name: Holio
Content Type: Choose from nine packages, live video feeds, or purchase a la carte.
Content Prices: Dependant upon size of membership base.
Features: Holio offers packaged deals to suit every need as well as content a la carte. They dont offer much of a variety, but what they do offer is one of a kind, including 24-hour live video feeds, such as Voyeur Brazil, and crazy niche content including porno with toys and models playing doctor. They offer their members many free products via linked websites with leading edge content and interfaces displaying high quality video and pictures.

Name: Sextelligent
Content Type: Live, Streaming, Photo, Ezine, Toons, Games, and Stories.
Content Prices: Choose between Order Now and Propose a Price, a fair value is displayed and then you propose a price quote for negotiation.
Features: Sextelligent offers many unique features to its members. The most obvious, perhaps, is the ability to negotiate pricing, as described above. Additionally, they offer a wide variety of types of content including an erotic games package that features Strip Poker, Crabs Attack, Whack-A-Butt, Yo-Yo Girl and more, and an erotic stories package that is updated with new stories weekly. Sextelligent also offers some of the best live content available featuring the only exclusive Porn Star voyeur house covered by thirteen live cams and hot live amateur cams with incorporated chatting. They offer very frequent updates with one of their packages, the Mike Hammer collection, adding three new photo sets every single day.

Amanda Grimm has worked in the adult industry for three years. She specializes in international Web design and usability testing. Amanda holds a BS in Business Information Systems.

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