Content Providing on the Web: Part 2

So you have decided to take pictures of naked chicks. Your wife or girlfriend is either non-existent, doesn’t know about it, is real secure (bi-sexual), or just plain money driven. Now that thats out of the way, Im hoping you paid close attention to my first article and know some of the things not to do. This time I will take you through the steps of one of mankinds great mysteries, how to get hot women to spread their pussies for you.



I know money makes the world go round, but these girls will get in front of you and clam up. THEY WILL, trust me! I will go through a typical shoot in another article, but before that I will give you some hints on what to do first, how to get girls, and how to know whether or not it was a GOOD shoot for you.


First of all, you need to do some research on how to shoot. If you’re not a photographer and have little or no experience behind a camera then you need to shoot something else before you actually pay someone to shoot them. Trust me, even if you want the most amateur looking images (which sell well for me), then you need to know how they are shot without making them too dark to fix. Youll need to be able to recognize a color that looks unnatural, angles that flatter the models, etc. People look different in person than they do on film. Keep that in mind! When you start to shoot youll want consistency to be obvious throughout your content. This isn’t easy and it takes some knowledge to make it worth the money youll spend. Oh yeah, MONEY!


Next, where are you going to get the money to pay for 20-30 models so that you have enough content to make something? No, I am not going to get into overhead and start up costs, that I’ll save for another article. This is about shooting, finding models, and good results. I just wanted to touch on the fact that the models expect to get paid. I will leave it at that until next time.


Where to find a beauteous model for my experienced lens to develop amazing shots so lurid all sites shall come wanton to me! Ok, my last article was very specific about this. You want to shoot not just the beautiful girl but the average one as well, and remember good make-up can go a long way. This is where a girlfriend or wife who wants to be in on the money can help big-time. We have taken a few woofs and turned them into something special. But you don’t always want that! Sometimes the most interesting models sell the best.


Strippers are obviously easy to shoot, but not so easy to get in the studio sometimes. We recruit some from newspaper ads, but mostly strippers come from the strip joint. If you do not know the owner of the place, they are hard/expensive to talk to. When you do get them to say yes, GET THEIR PHONE NUMBER!!! They tend to miss several appointments before they make it, if they make it at all. Usually you’ll have to wait till they’ve had a bad night money-wise at their other job. But a stripper is an easy shoot. Lots of outfits to strip out of, lots of sexual vigor, which looks good on camera BUT usually they are TOO sexual. There is no girl next door left in them. They can’t do anything but the sex vixen thing. Innocent is just not believable with them. Quite frankly, innocence is what sells. When you can get strippers, it is good to get a few, but its best if it is only on occasion.


College girls are a JACKPOT! Usually they are young or at least young looking. KEEP YOUR PAPERWORK CLEAR AND IN ORDER! I will get into that in another article as well. College newspapers are gold. The alternative press in most decent sized cities is another gold mine. You will get a lot of models from these publications. You will get couples, coeds, hung studs, and licking lesbians. They exist in droves. Every one of them wants a new experience and is willing to get paid to do it on camera. This is where we find models with the least effort. We also use business cards and recruit on a person-to-person basis. Also you can use referral money. These girls have friends and their friends have friends who will model as well. This is a very reliable way to have models that will show up and do well.


"I am SO nervous! A girl is coming to show me her pussy and I am going to take pictures of her! Oh how I hope she gets turned on and plays with herself!" I hate to burst your bubble, but youve got a lot more to worry about than her pleasure or yours. This is money honey, get focused. Know what shots you are going to take and what background you have, before she shows up. If she is the adventurous type but has never done this before, expect her jitters to fuel a sudden desire not to do it at all. She isn’t going to be real turned on for a while, if ever. Your job is to get her comfortable, guide her, make her want to do what she said she wanted to do. That’s why a pre-shoot interview is necessary. I do mine a couple of days before the shoot. It makes me sure she is doing this for the right reasons. I also have a questionnaire to fill out that gives me some knowledge of who she is and what she will do for me. This is how I can get the best out of a model.


Last thing, its not as easy or as much of a turn on as you think. I can’t stop thinking about money the whole shoot. Mostly, just getting the most number of and best images for the time I have with the models. I judge them the most when I get back to the computer, open up Photoshop and begin processing them. Then I know if they are real sexy, kind of sexy, or just a dud. The shoot lasts for a very short time, an hour or two, but processing is a long, arduous task that can take a few days or more, depending upon mistakes and experience. I think I must warn you that this is a job, A GOOD job, but still more work then you are thinking it is, you get out of it what you put into it.


Thats all for now; take care all until next time…

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God, I feel like I shuold be takin notes! Great work
January 14th, 2012
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