Gallery Submission in 2006

TGPs have been around for quite some time now and theyve been evolving
from the start.  It used to be so easy to create a gallery, submit it to
some of your favorite TGPs, and watch the signups roll in.  Converting
1/200 on TGP traffic was a breeze.  I look back on those days fondly and

Actually, thats bold face lie.  You see, I never got to take advantage of
the glory days of smut peddling.  Now, as 2006 has reared its ugly head,
gallery submission has become harder than ever.  So, what do you need to
be successful at the submission game?

Reciprocal Links:  Reciprocal links are very important when youre
submitting galleries.  Most TGPs require a link back to them and other
TGPs on your galleries.  Ideally, you want about 3-5 of these links.  This
way, you are generating cross traffic for various TGPs while limiting the
clutter on your actual gallery.  Galleries with too many recips are not
appreciated.  Recips can be found on the submission page of a TGP.

Clean Galleries:  There are a couple different criteria that make a
gallery clean or not.  Besides the limited reciprocal links, you have to
watch out for the following things:

-    Your content must be good quality and not overused.  Use your
judgment on this: if youve seen the photos or videos 1000 times yourself,
find something better.
-    Your thumbnails must link straight to the images, not to HTML
-    You must limit the amount of outgoing links to the actual paysite:
2 or 3 is a recommended amount.
-    You cant have any deceiving links on the page.  Examples include
thumbnails that lead somewhere other than an image or text links that make
it seem as if the gallery continues on the next page.

No Auto Submission:  Programs like Chameleon Submitter are great for
creating your recip pages and utilizing the database.  However, auto
submitting galleries will get you banned faster than most other offenses.  
Most submission forms have verification codes to type in.  Figure out
which TGPs send the most traffic and submit to those.  Filling your days
submitting to thousands of TGPs is not worth your time.

Partner Accounts & Paid Listings:  Partner accounts allow you to submit
more than a regular webmaster to a certain TGP.  To acquire one, you are
usually required to send some samples of your past work.  You can get
partner accounts for free, but for the high traffic TGPs youll have to pay
a fee.  If you dont submit galleries on a regular basis, you can just
purchase a paid listing.  Prices vary, but if you want to get a listing on
a site like The Hun, be prepared to shell out some serious cash.  Dont
rush into any paid listing until youre confident that your galleries
convert.  Between the listing fee and the bandwidth burned, theres a good
chance that youll be a very unhappy camper.

Bandwidth:  When dealing with monster TGPs, bandwidth becomes a huge
consideration.  If you have a virtual host, do yourself a favor and dont
submit to The Hun.  Your overage fees will be astronomical and its very
likely that the server youre on wont be able to support the traffic you
get.  If you dont have the means to pay for a reliable dedicated box,
theres one other great option. will host your
galleries for free, provided that you follow a few rules.  They will put
some banners on your sites, but they arent too obtrusive.  In fact,
Revshare Hosting is the only free host that I know of that is accepted by
almost all major TGPs.

So, lets recap: you need clean looking galleries, reciprocal links if
youre submitting for free, ample bandwidth, and a lot of patience.  If you
dont mind trial and error, you just might be cut out for this gallery
submission thing.  Want to give it a try?"

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Hey, good to find someone who argees with me. GMTA.
August 13th, 2011
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