Writing For Adult 101

Basics of Adult Writing:
Its a popular misconception that anyone can become an online writer for the adult industry. They know "dirty words" and how to form a sentence and then all of a sudden BAM!...you now have another "adult writer" advertising his or her writing services. Writing for any kind of industry, adult or mainstream, takes years of experience, patience, versatility, and willing to listen to clients specific needs.

Making a Name For Yourself:
In the adult industry, youre only as good as your online reputation is. Since there is no face to face meetings, people have nothing to rely on except for who you know and what others have to say about you. Building a good name with a clean reputation is crucial for not only becoming a reputable online writer, but for being a trusted writer as well.

Writing and Pricing:
Often times, new "writers" will promote themselves as "hungry for work" and with prices so low that it would be a crime not to hire them for smaller writing projects. What they are doing is that they are essentially robbing themselves of their own worth and taking on way more work than they can handle. While it might be beneficial for a new adult writer to offer introductory prices and/or specials to build up a solid clientele, its not worth it to be buried in large amounts of work for pennies on the dollar. If you are quality writer, then clients will expect to pay for quality work. Potential clients know "You get what you pay for.", so charge what you think you are worth. Dont ever let a client tell you how much they think you and your services are worth, only you can know that.

Burning Out:
Another huge mistake of all writers, new and established, is that they work too much and never take time off. While it might be tempting to not take a day off because theres always extra "money on the table to grab", it is vital as a writer to keep your mind fresh and rested. Nothing is worse than taking on a big order and finding out that you cant finish it simply because you are mentally burned out. Treat your online writing career as you would any other career. Take at least one day off every week, but two would be best. You will keep you passion for writing alive, your writing will be top-notch, and you will never get burned out. Writers in the adult industry are sadly known for disappearing or "retiring" simply because they cant mentally do it anymore. They are burned out and would rather get an offline job at that point than to continue writing online. Also keep in mind that taking one or two days off every week will keep your clients (especially your returning clients) happy! They are paying for quality work and if you cant provide them with quality work, then you have no business taking on another order.

Self Discipline:
Because working from home is so convenient, it is easy to procrastinate and take time off and you might want some time off while in the middle of a writing order. Remember that your client(s) paid for your work and for your services. They expect their work to be completed in a timely matter and with it being of good quality. Being your own boss as an adult writer takes a lot of discipline and hard work. Set specific working hours every day, allow breaks, and be realistic when giving client(s) an estimated date of delivery.

Communication is key to being an adult writer. You need to know exactly what your client(s) need in order to properly writer for them. You also need to communicate, at all times, with your client(s). Let them know if the original delivery date is going to change, ask them questions on anything youre not sure of, and confirm payments with them. Put yourself in their shoes: how would you feel if you sent a large amount of money to somebody and never confirmed that you received it? Probably a little bit nervous, and your client(s) would feel the same way. The more you communicate, the better your job will be!

Remember that being a writer in the adult industry isnt for everybody. It takes skill, talent, passion, understanding, and years of experience in the adult industry field to truly know and understand each and every niche. If youre looking for a reputable and quality adult writer, take a look around and see who has been a writer for longer than a month, who has an honest reputation, and most importantly, who does quality work!

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