X-Sales, Exit Trades, and Upselling

There are a number of ways of making money from your website besides memberships. Knowing these ways can mean the different between you limping along and you raking in the cold hard cash.
Cross sales are the promotion of other sites within your own web sites in exchange for a percentage profit. These are useful tools for website owners who already have paysites, and those who use Epoch systems. There are three important types of cross-selling strategies:

1) Purchase Plus, which means that the website can make extra sales when a normal signup procedure for your site is created.

2) Approval Plus, a program that lets you make sales after the signup to your site is completed. A button is fixed to your page, so that the browser can see that they have joined with you, and they are then offered the chance to sign up for another site. 

3) Member Plus, which allows the website owner to sell additional memberships to members past and present. As you already have the members details, they only need to agree to the resell, and it is all done.

You will generally need to sign up for an affiliate program, and in exchange you will receive the code necessary to set up the chosen system on your site.

Another step is console trades, which pop up either before or behind your own webpage. The content will offer offers from and links to other sites, and these sites will pay you a certain percentage to allow them to use these consoles. If you need a lot of cash to maintain your website, then consider a chain of console links which will be revealed as the browser closes each link. Again, you will probably have to join an affiliate programme in order to get the links, but you will be paid each time the popup appears.

A further method of making more money from your site is upselling. This involves offering your customer a special offer, one for the price of two, lowered prices, etc. The upsell works best when you are making an offer similar to the item already bought. You do not need to be successful every time, but you do need to make the offer to each customer: after all, they are already paying you money, so they must be interested in what you sell.

Some businesses are worried that the customer may be driven away with all these ads and offers: however, it should be noted that these techniques have been around for a while now, and if they did not work, webmasters would not use them.

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