Digging up Profitable Micro Niches

This article will guide you on how to make money from digging up profitable Micro Niches.
To learn how to do that, you have to first know what a micro niche is.

What is a Micro Niche?
A micro niche is basically a more narrowed search of a specific niche. For example, instead of promoting only a foot fetish, you could narrow down the niche by promoting toe sucking which falls under the foot fetish category. It's a niche within a niche, if you will.

How to make the most profit from a micro niche:
While the traffic will be less than promoting a regular niche, your click-to-sale ratio will much higher. People know what they want and, more importantly, they know how to look for it. So the question is, will you be the one picking up the sale or will someone else? That's up to. The more detailed your micro niche landing page is (and the stronger your SEO is for it), the better your sales will be. Let's say that you have content of toe suckers in public places and you build a gallery for it to promote your sponsor, make sure you include those details (outside, public, toe, toe sucking, etc) in your gallery via the description and/or title ("Outside Public Toe Sucking Gallery").

Finding the Most Profitable Niches:
Okay, so now you know what a micro niche and how to promote, now it's time to find the most profitable micro niches. This is where you have to put yourself in the surfers shoes. Do a search for a more common niche such as bondage. From that point, get to know the niche. What is semi-common in bondage porn? For one example, nipple clamping. Want to more specific? Nipple clamping with clothes pins. The possibilites are endless. As always, promote what you're passionate about it. It'll show in your work and you won't mind the extra effort to find those micro niche lovers.

Another way to find a profitable micro niche is by doing some research using a free keyword suggestion tool (such as freekeywords.wordtracker.com) For the keyword "bondage", nearly 18,000 searches came up. More specifically, "secretary bondage" (a micro niche of Bondage) came up with 117 searches. This is a great way to see not only what kind of micro niches there are, but also how many searches come up for that micro niche.

Now that you know how to dig up a profitable niche, it's now time to find one and start making profit off of one!

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