Promoting Vintage Porn

Know the Difference
The era of vintage porn is huge! It ranges from 1800's to 1960's. From the 70's and on, it's called "Classic Porn". This is one mistake alot of new vintage porn promoters get wrong. Learn what you are selling before you sell it and you will do more than fine with such a niche specific topic!

Talk the Talk
Surfers who love vintage porn will know what they are looking for, but will you know what they are looking for? The porn market back then was way different than today's market. The women were different, what they did on camera was different, the clothing was different, their looks were get my point. All of those are things that vintage porn lovers not only know, but love about that specific era. Some might call it the Victorian Era Porn, Victorian Porn, or even Retro Porn. Knowing little things like that will help increase your promotions in search engines and to your sites visitors. Porn videos were called "movies" back then, pics were called photos or images. You have to be careful about you promote such a unique era in porn. Also keep in mind that vintage porn lovers don't like to hear that the pinup girl they're looking at in a photo being referred to as a "nasty little bitch". Keep things like that in mind when promoting vintage porn and just like with any unfamiliar topic to promote, you need to do enough research until you know the niche instead and out.

Nice, Not Naughty
As mentioned above, you have to be careful about how you write for vintage porn in your advertising. Use words such as sensual, erotic, and some artistic words such as beautiful. The girls in vintage porn were being naughty by getting their risque pictures taken, but the era of the time was nice and they didn't use trashy words like the words we use in today's industry. They were classy and so you must talk as if you respect them for being classy.

Voluptuous Is Not Fat
Ladies of yesteryear were known to be voluptuous and have curves. By today's standards, they would be thrown in the chubby or fat categories of porn (how times have changed!) Ladies of the vintage porn era had soft real breasts and round bottoms. They had beautiful curves and hairy pussies. The feeling of porn in the vintage era was very taboo, that was what the style of porn was back then and that is how it should be presented when you promote it.

Take a look at some vintage porn sites and if you are planning to promote it full time, it might worth it to actually join a vintage porn site to get a feel for what vintage porn lovers are looking for.

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Addrienne says:
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August 13th, 2011
at 3:21pm EST
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Vintage Porn says:
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March 30th, 2010
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