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Promoting retro porn can be kind of tricky. With a total of 3 "older style" porn categories out there (retro, vintage, & classic), it's hard to tell what each category represents which era. Even more confusing is what porn surfers consider these categories to be in their mind. With that being said, let's take a look at the 3 categories and which era they stem from:


If you do a search for the term "Retro Porn", you will be even more confused by what shows up. Porn pictures and videos from the 1950's and all the way up to the early 1990's is what you'll find under that search term. So let's go over what is retro porn and what is retro porn to surfers.

What is Retro Porn:
Retro porn is era between Vintage (pin-up girls, black and white porn movies, etc) and Classic (1970's & 1980's). It is the porn of the 1950's and 1960's.

The visual difference between Retro Porn and today's porn is in everything: from the girls to the quality of the pictures and movies. So why would anyone want to watch old porn that had poor quality? Because of everything else! Times were different back then. Porn was considered very taboo, thus creating that feeling of being naughty for looking at it and enjoying it. The actors weren't really actors at all, they were very much real and very raw with sex. Nothing was brutally hardcore. You didn't see teen girls getting gagged to the point of puking and things of that nature. What you saw with, what is now considered retro porn, is the taboo feeling which created a chemistry..a certain every movie. There was less acting because they didn't need to act. They truly enjoyed having sex and it showed! This is important to know when you are promoting retro porn because those in search of it are more in search of the chemistry between lovers and the taboo fantasy of it all, and perhaps those that just loved seeing hairy guys having sex with women that had hair on their pussies. All of this is tied into what makes retro porn so desirable.

What are retro porn surfers looking for?
Everything mentioned above is what surfers are looking for, but more specifically, it's what they're not looking for. Most videos today you can tell the girls (and sometimes guys) are just doing it for the money. What's hot about that? Nothing. What retro porn fans want to see if real action by those that truly love sex and take their time.

Another reason that some surfers are looking for retro porn is to capture that feeling they once had from looking at it in their younger years. Yes, old people do search for porn! So don't count them out! while some of retro porn fans are those who grew up with in that era, you also have your fair share of people that have come across retro porn and became instant fans, especially when they have the porn of today to compare to the porn of yesteryear's. This is where text in your sales pitch really needs to be looked at. Instead of saying "Join now and get this plus 12 other sites for free of various niches recurring monthly..", talk to them as if you know them. "Get the porn of the past here!" or "See all the porn movies of the 50's and 60's here!" Direct them where to go and tell them what is there waiting for them.

In order to sell retro porn, you have to know not only what retro porn is, but what makes it different and what audience to target. Now that you know how, go out there and start making some money off of the retro porn market!

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This is way more hlefpul than anything else I've looked at.
December 9th, 2011
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Shiloh says:
You are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father you will do. How shall you escape the
April 28th, 2009
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