Shooting Your Own Porn

Consider these statistics from the experts/authorities: for every second- $3076 is spent for adult entertainment, for each second, around 28 thousand Net users are in front of their monitors watching adult entertainment. Not just that, for every 39 minutes, a new adult video is being made in the US. Needless to say, the online adult entertainment business makes serious money and it isnt surprising that more and more people are going into the online adult business. If you are one of the independent site-makers, then shooting your own adult content is one of the most crucial moves you can make.

Benefits of Shooting Your Own Content

First, without intending to badmouth the content producers, when many surfers/users buy/get content from them- the user could not be absolutely sure if what they  are getting is unique or has been seen by half the world over. It is no secret that many adult sites (of companies, not independent) show content that are actually generic. Scummier websites would claim they are selling unique contents when in fact, they are not. Also, many of those new entrants to the online adult business want to stand out from the competition.  Shooting your own content guarantees that your website has content your competition doesnt have. As websites get more and more competitive, many could use the competitive advantage that original and unique content gives.

Second, and this is a by-product of the first benefit above: unique content fosters client/subscribers loyalty. Surfers and users are often burned by low quality websites that mislead them with false unique content claims.  If your site delivers what it claims, your website will be trusted and it will attract a loyal following.

Third, shooting your own content gives you the liberty of leasing or selling    content to other sites. This gives your business an extra income stream.

Fourth, shooting your own content gives you greater flexibility and control over your production and content costs. Consider this, you have already paid half of the contract fee to the producer, with the half to be paid after two weeks. Then all of a sudden, an emergency strikes which forces you to use the alloted budget for the unforeseen crisis. The producer would not care less about your family situation, they would force you to pay what you signed for in the contract. Not so if you are shooting your own content, because you are in control. If you have 3 models in mind (to hire), and suddenly a crisis strikes, you could just hire one or put the project to a temporary stop as the solution.

Where and How to Find Models

So, where to get the models for adult modeling work

* Local entertainment newspaperss classified ads (LA Weekly, OC Weekly, etc)
* Online classified ads that cover your area (,, etc)
* Strip clubs/escort service companies
* word of mouth: I have to say this though, do not expect too much from this method. Unless of course, you are the kind of person who has an extra mobile phone just for the storage of hundreds of contact numbers.

* Befriend another webmaster/website owner, one who would be kind enough to exchange contacts.

Giving a specific range of fees/payments for adult site models is tricky, unlike finding the range of plumbers salaries, adult site modelings payscale is more complicated. Regardless, plumbers and adult models billing rates do share similarities—rates vary by location, areas of expertise, experience, and how well their agencies negotiate.

For ballpark figure purposes, heres some rough numbers (based on California rates)

*  solo work would get 50 to 200$ (locally)
*  a sex scene (for guys) would get from 500$ to 1,000$
*  a sex scene (for women) would get from 400$ to 1,000$; and for the bigger adult content production companies- it could reach up to 6,000$


Anybody who is about to enter the Web adult site industry has to know what the 2257 compliance statement is. As per the US Code, Title 18, Part I- mandates that any person(s) producing visuals of sexual nature should keep records of every actress/model (maiden names, age, and others).

The question that has a very specific answer is, What makes up sexually explicit conduct? According to 18 USC 2256(2): (I paraphrased it)- any form of intercourse, masturbation, s&m, or lascivious showing of the pubic area/genitals.

Make sure you read up on section 2257 and related regulations.  You might go to jail if your paperwork dont comply with these rules.

After having met all the requirements of 2257, you are ready to go, and you are confident all content are legal. Have you thought of the music background that you used? Indeed, all it takes is this- a song at the scenes background and you may have a copyright issue at the drop of a hat. It would be best to consult the experts regarding this- it is much preferable to pay for an hours consultation than spend time attending to a lawsuit.

Some states of the US are scarier for adult content producers than others - whether the contents would be made by the person himself or bought from a producer. An example is the Texas Penal Code §43.22- barring a person from purposely and with full knowledge- distributing/displaying adult-oriented materials and being negligent on whether others are present (who might be scandalized). Also, the Texas Penal Code, §43.23 bars anybody from promoting such materials or possessing with intention to promote later on. The terms "wholesale promote" in this legal mandate embrace all manners of distribution.

Still and all, to say that this kind of mandates could be enforced easily is to invite heated debates all around. By the very nature of the Internet, launching an adult site (or viewing it) could be done anywhere in the country- or the world for that matter. Regardless, make sure you are aware of the local obscenity standards in your location.

Why Waivers are Important

As you are your own content producer, it is quite expected from you to show  concern to the models. It does not mean you would not protect yourself from those "crazies" out there.

Waivers signed by the models/actresses are crucial for me (as the shooter of my own contents) for all of the following reasons:

# It would allow me to sell off the contents/pictures later on (of course, this must specifically be mentioned in the waiver).
# to protect me if a model gets pregnant (legal issues)
# to protect me (legal issues again) if a model who looks 21 turns out to be 17
# The waiver states that the users should have the permission of all persons concerned, plus, guarantee liability protection versus a lawsuit (3rd party).

# Another reason that makes waivers a good idea is this: an expensive photographer might not charge for additional shooting time if the models sign the waiver. (You may "shoot your own adult contents" by paying for an individual contractor, as opposed to going to the big producers who have their own stable of photographers). A waiver would settle everything from the air to the ground. Like, a waiver for any kind of activity/shot except actual penetration would give the content-shooter the boundaries he/she has to respect.

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