Make Money In The Tranny Niche

The tranny niche is has consistently been one of the best converting and most lucrative niches around. There are some mistakes some webmasters do make when trying to promote this niche and this article is aimed at helping people avoid those mistakes and help them cash in on their tranny traffic.

often see people mistaking the term tranny or transsexual with transvestite. They are not the same. A tranny or transsexual is someone that has either had a sex change surgery or was born with both male and female sexual organs. Often trannys are referred to as shemales (especially in this business). A transvestite is someone who is a cross dresser. In more layman terms a chick with tits and a dick is a shemale/tranny/transsexual while a guy that dresses like a girl, but is 100% male, is a transvestite.

These often represent two different markets so you want to make sure to keep them straight and use the correct names when you are creating your sites.

I see a lot of tranny stuff on gay sites and while I’m sure there are some gay guys that are into trannys, most simply are not. Think of it like this. A guy that is straight loves women and loves seeing naked women. This doesn’t mean he wants to see a tranny just because the tranny has tits. If a guy is gay he loves men and loves seeing naked men and it doesn’t mean that he wants to see trannys just because the tranny has a dick. In both cases, straight or gay, there can be guys interested in trannys, but to assume that all gay guys are also into trannys is a big mistake. I have been told that there are actually more straight guys into trannys than gay guys, but I have no scientific research to back it up.

What I’m getting at here is that you may want to work on keeping any gay and tranny sites you are working on separate from each other. If a straight guy is interested in tranny stuff he may not want to see gay stuff and if he does he may get turned off and leave.

The allure of the tranny for many men is that it is something taboo – it is that forbidden fruit. Some guys might have a slight interest in other guys or maybe have a feeling they are gay or bisexual and trannys may offer them a happy medium. They have a dick, but they are often also still very feminine. That can be a key to promoting the niche. Refer to the tranny as a she, not a he and play up any of her feminine qualities. If a tranny model you are promoting has a pretty face, or nice breasts or long legs make sure to focus on them. It seems less “wrong” and more inviting if the person looking at it can connect it to something they consider normal. Many people into the tranny niche are experimenting and seeing what they like and offering them something familiar along with that taboo aspect can really help relax them and make them more likely to join a site or browse more of your site.

Trannys, for others, are simply morbid curiosity. They want to see what it is and if these types of people really exist. They may have more of an interest in them once they see them, but at first they just want to know what is going on. A webmaster that works almost exclusively in the tranny niche told me that one of their best marketing tricks is to reassure the surfer that they are not strange or a freak and that the curiosity and experimentation they are exploring on the site is natural and that they can relax and just let things flow. Nobody knows but them, so it is all cool.

Since many tranny surfers are regular straight guys being reassured that they are not doing anything wrong and that nobody else has to know can go a long way towards getting them to join a site.

When it comes to making a tranny site there are two basic schools of thought. The first is the softcore side of things. These sites are aimed at the curious, experimenting surfer. These are people who are curious and want to test the waters and the pictures/movies you give them should be more of the softcore type. Pick pics/movies that show off how beautiful the tranny is. Include some nude and maybe even some masturbation stuff, but steer clear of the hardcore stuff. If a guy is curious he might be into seeing an attractive, nude tranny jacking off. He might not be into seeing a tranny drilling a guy in the ass.

If you are going after the surfers that know what they want and are into the tranny niche now you can breakout the hardcore stuff. These are the guys that are into the taboo aspect of this and want to see the more raunchy and intense things. They are into it all in and want to be taken to the edge.

Mixing content might end up being too much for some surfers and not enough for others. If you are running a link list or tgp or site like that you might be best off having two different tranny sections; one hardcore and one softcore.

The tranny market has been around for a long time and offers those webmasters that are willing to go through a little trial and error an opportunity to get some nice conversion ratios and make some nice money. It is not for everyone and is misunderstood by others. Many people market it incorrectly. Do your homework and take your time in learning the finer aspects of the niche and you can really cash in.

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