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In our personal lives, we keep abreast of current events by watching the news, reading newspapers and magazines, and surfing the Internet. When we were in school, most of us would spend hours at the library, researching topics for essays or papers. Where do people get information pertaining to their jobs and how do they stay on top of what is affecting their industry? They go to trade shows, read industry publications, and visit useful Internet sites that give information about their field. This is true for almost every industry, including the online adult entertainment business. Adult Webmasters stay on top of what is happening in the online porn world by attending the trade shows such as the Internext Expo, reading industry publications such as AVN Online, and most importantly and perhaps most frequently, by visiting their favorite Webmaster resource site.

There are many adult Webmaster resource sites infiltrating the Net these days. Some are informative and useful, while others are just scams trying to make a quick buck. In order for a Webmaster resource site to be worthwhile, it must contain some key elements. The major components that I feel are important for a Webmaster resource site to contain are as follows:

1. Articles – Webmaster resource sites should either employ an in-house writing staff or hire industry experts on a piece-by-piece basis to write informative articles for them. These articles should contain useful tips and tricks that aid Webmasters or should address issues that affect or are important to the industry in general.

2. Headline News – A good quality Webmaster resource site will feature news articles from major publications that pertain to matters affecting online businesses, adult entertainment in particular.

3. Press Releases – When businesses in the online adult industry have news that they wish to share, they issue press releases. Webmaster resource sites should feature news releases sent out from companies who wish to inform the community of a new product, service, or program.

4. Message Board – A Webmaster resource site should contain or be affiliated with some kind of forum that acts as a sounding board for their members. Webmasters should be able to go to this message board to interact and network with other Webmasters, to ask questions and to gain insight on issues that may be a concern, and to basically catch up on industry gossip.

5. Company Listings – A resource site can only truly earn its name if it provides a comprehensive resource directory. In this industry, they should provide Webmasters with listings of companies that provide various products or services that are useful to people in the online adult business. These kind of listings would typically include revenue (sponsor, affiliate) programs, content providers, hosting companies, website designers, billing solutions, etc. The resource site should also provide instructions for companies to list their website with them. 

These are five key attributes or components that I feel are necessary in a good adult Webmaster resource site. Some of the larger resource sites out there provide little extras such as a classifieds section, cartoons, radio shows, live chat, industry event listings, email newsletters, etc. A valuable Webmaster resource site will be a place that a Webmaster can make daily visits to and find out what is new in the industry and the world beyond; a place where they can interact with others in a similar situation; a sounding board for their problems or questions; and lastly a place where they can promote themselves. 

As I mentioned before there are some high quality resource sites out there and there are some garbage sites that are a waste of time. Of course, Webmaster Vault is the very best there is, but we do have to be objective and list some others that are top notch as well. Here are a few of my favorite resource sites:

YNOT Masters: YNOT has been around forever and truly is the pioneer of resource sites. YNOTBob, the funnyman of that crew, is a legend and is a very well respected individual among industry members. Jay, the writing master of the YNOT gang, puts out informative articles and features. YNOT Masters is truly a class act and will around for the duration.

Xbiz: Xbiz is a more colourful, high-energy type of resource. Xbiz is jam packed with an array of information that could keep anyone busy reading for a while.

Netpond: There is so much information on Netpond’s start page that my eyes hurt just looking at it. The gang at Netpond are pretty much lifers in the business and they definitely know what they are talking about. They have been there and done that, so to speak.

Cozy Frog: The crew behind this resource are the people to go visit if you are just starting out in the business. They even offer Cozy Academy, which is like an online classroom for Webmasters wanting to know everything from setting up a paysite, to mastering a marketing formula.

These are just a few of my personal favorites, however there are several more resource sites out there that are informative, useful, and backed by some of the great leaders of this industry. 

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