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We have all heard the stories of people that have made so much money in online porn that they quit their jobs, buy a fancy car and almost literally roll in the dough. Is that not what all hardworking webmasters are basically aspiring for? To get to the point where they have made their fortune by hitting it big with their online adult sites? This is true in many cases and a good portion of webmasters are looking for the big payoff in this industry. However, there are quite a few adult webmasters that use online porn to subsidize their other incomes, to pay for their schooling, or even as a shelter from their mainstream lives.

I was curious about what kind of jobs webmasters have outside of the online porn world. I know over the years that I have been able to balance my work in the adult industry as a marketing writer with my mainstream writing and marketing jobs. I have supplemented my online adult income with mainstream when I worked in the business full time and now I supplement my mainstream income with some part time work in this industry. There are countless other webmasters out there just like me who balance their online adult jobs with their work in the mainstream world. I set out to find out what kind of jobs people do aside from being adult webmasters, by posting the question on the popular adult message board, GFY. Here are some of the responses that I received:

"I work at a purified water store. Minimum wage sucks, but hey, its more money in the bank."

"Im working on a paintball field on the summer."

"I am a computer tech for right now, and am about ready to quit it and go full time online."

"Full porn + student. Im debating whether to install pools this summer to get a little bit more outside time and get my body doing real work."

"I am a banker plus porn, but thinking of quitting the banking job."

"I work for Visa (no joke)."

"I am a cook at a restaurant. It is a hobby of mine, and it gets me out of the house so I do not go insane in front of the PC."

"Investment advisor and content producer. I am scared that one day I a am going to show up to a clients house with my VX2000 or ask a model what mutual fund she wants to buy."

"I engrave marble (When I get some orders). Anyone need any marble plaques? Let me know."

"I do contract consulting, mostly programming and sysadmin stuff."

"I want to get into bartending."

"I work at McDonalds part time. The pay is decent but the benefits are great."

"I work in construction."

"I used porn to fund college, results: investment banker & online processing company, planning on cashing out of the porn side of the biz by the end of the year. I dont want to but it’s becoming a pain in the ass."

"Computer sales."

"Model, actress and I sell merchandise."

"When I am not whoring for small tasks in the adult biz or trying to convert sales, I try and cash in on anything I can, but my day job is working for an adult education center."

"Im a IT contractor for the Feds and do porn part time for now."

"Independent SAP consultant."

"IT sales / consulting...plus this." 

"Ive been in the rotational molding (plastics) and metal stamping business since 1976. Porn is a hobby."

"Machine shop, grinding tools, really sucks been doing it for 20 years now."

"I buy and sell mortgage notes full time from home now. Porn is just a part time for me now until I make more contacts and gain a lot more knowledge."

"Browns Telecommunications Services. I install phone systems and computer networks for homes and businesses."

"When I finish grad school in September, I am going to work in a crime lab investigating the DNA involved with crimes. Until then, I work in a restaurant and online."

"I owned a Import Auto Parts company up until last month. There was no money in it."

Sorry about the long list, but I find it really interesting to see the diverse careers and jobs that webmasters have outside of this business. It’s also fascinating to see how some people see this industry as a stepping-stone to their next career, while others see it as an opportunity to save them from monotonous mainstream jobs. Many of the younger adult webmasters use the income they generate from their online ventures to fund their schooling, while a few webmasters use their sites as a hobby to keep them busy in retirement. While there are opportunities to make big bucks in this industry if you are willing to put in the time and effort, not everyone is looking to make adult webmastering a career. Many webmasters who are looking to make it a full-time gig realize that while they are building up their online adult business, they will need to supplement their income with some other work.

Everyone participates in the online adult business for different reasons and in various capacities. This industry is extremely flexible when it comes to the level of participation that one must put in and therefore it is the perfect business to make money either full time or part time. If you are not a full time pornographer like myself, it is nice to know that there are other webmasters out there that are in similar situations.

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rahul agnihotri says:
its a nice field to earn money faster.
August 8th, 2011
at 5:39am EST
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john says:
September 9th, 2008
at 10:17pm EST
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