Winning Bookmarkers Over

Everybody knows that gaining bookmarks is one of the most necessary, and profitable, things to do for any website. You need to have bookmarks coming back to your website daily in hopes of eventually getting them to open their wallet and whip out their handy dandy credit card. This article will dig into the topic of how to turn surfers into bookmarks and also give some insight on how to obtain and keep them coming back for more, time after time.

I like to call my bookmarks "my fans", and that's exactly what they are if you have a constantly updated website. The first step in getting bookmarks is to give updates and alot of them! The more you update, the more you will keep people interested and coming back for more. It doesn't matter what the topic or the niche is, if they like your site and what you are giving them, they will return.

Giving Them Something to Come Back For
The title says it all. You need to ask yourself a few questions first. What would make you go from being a surfer of a website to a surfer who bookmarks that site? What on the website would make you want to bookmark it? And last but not least, what would keep you coming back? Since every website is different, it is hard to talk about one specific niche or topic. Of course the easiest way to obtain bookmarks is by running a blog. A blog is a place where you can virtually "talk" to your visitors and is a great place to always update with new things to say and more things to sell.

The basic formula for getting visitors to become bookmarks is:

Constant Updating + Consistency = Faithful Followers/Bookmarks

Truth Be Told
Honesty, and eventually trust between you and your visitors, is what will easily turn your surfers into faithful followers. With honesty, will come trust. It's not hard to establish a truthful connection with your website visitors, just be honest with them. Don't tell them something is "100% Free" if it isn't, and don't tell them "This girl is the best teen on the net!" when she is far from being the best! This is where honest marketing comes into play. You can market something and have it look appealing to your visitors without misleading them. If you mislead them (or flat out lie to them), your trust with them has now been broken and they will seek another website to flock to. It wouldn't be too far off to go with the old saying "Treat others the same way you would like to be treated."

Your Passion = Sales:
Since you will be updating constantly, wouldn't it be nice to actually update things that you love? Whether it be hot teen lesbians or hardcore anal pounding. If you are passionate about something, it will show in your updates, your writing, and you will sell it way better than promoting something you just simply have no interest in whatsoever.

That's pretty much it! Be honest, truthful, constantly update and be consistent and over time, you will get more and more visitors that turn into bookmarks with the click of a button on their mouse!

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Jeremy says:
I'm still looking for clues why they close and some like peprellor who is already established stop their services. I think huge money are being invested due to huge bandwidth being used every month and hosting bills and yet no income is being generated.
May 3rd, 2012
at 3:09pm EST
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