An Interview With The Crew is one of the largest teen sites on the internet. Shooting exclusive content and using only the hottest girls they can find, the crew continues to offer surfers and webmasters alike fresh features and hot new content that keeps everyone happy.

Webmaster Vault (WV): When did you start your affiliate program? (NUB): The paysite was started in October of 2003 however we didn’t open up the affiliate program until 6 months later in March of 2004.

WV: Did you buy the sites/program or did you build it from scratch?
NUB: was built from scratch however we have ran many other adult sites, so we carried over the successful themes into Nubiles.

WV: How many people do you have working for your program?
NUB: Just 9 people total which is not many compared to most programs.

WV: Where in the world are you located?
NUB: Some of our team is based in Las Vegas.

WV: Your site focuses on teen girls. They are all at least 18, but some of them look pretty young. Has there ever been any controversy surrounding your content?
NUB: One of our models was wanted by the FBI and appeared on the s Most Wanted website. It had nothing to be with being youthful looking.

WV: Do you shoot your own content?
NUB: Nubiles is about finding as many cute girls around the world as we can, to do that we need to have others shoot the content for us. We work with some photographers who shoot mostly for us and others who shoot for other adult companies.

WV: Where do you find your girls? Any good stories about where you found a new girl?
NUB: Often times our photographers submit girls to us. We get emails all the time from girls who see the site and want to be on it but often they are just not cute enough, when they are we send them to the closest photographer.

WV: Your site is mostly softcore/nude/masturbation based. Was this a conscious choice at the beginning, or did it just evolve into that?
NUB: In the beginning the idea was to create a large teen site with as many cute models as possible. We wanted everything from topless to hardcore and every models profile page rates her content. Most of the girls we choose to shoot based on looks did not do hardcore.

WV: Do your members ever ask for more hardcore?
NUB: Some do and at the same time other members don’t want hardcore because it takes away from the fantasy they have with the girl. They don’t want to see another guy having sex with their girlfriend, it ruins the fantasy.

WV: What would be some advice you would give affiliates that want to promote your site and its style of content?
NUB: We update 3 new girls a week. By promoting the new girls and our list of top selling girls you can expect to have better conversions. And who doesn’t like fresh content?

WV: Your site doesnt have a trial membership. Has it always been that way and if not did you see a reduction in signups when you eliminated trials? What made you decide to not go with a trial membership?
NUB: We do have trials but only for webmasters who asked for them. At the end of the day it converts to full sale and then to rebill just fine. But also I think it depends on the traffic source. I don’t think most webmasters like trials for most revshare programs.

WV: What drew you to the adult biz and inspired you to get into it?
NUB: Money :)

WV: How did you get your start in the adult biz?
NUB: A friend of mine showed me the avs sites he was making. His Dad showed him the avs pass he bought and that got his wheels turning. If his Dad would shell out money for porn, anyone would. So he started as an avs webmaster and showed me what he was doing.

WV: Where do you see your program heading?
NUB: We just keep working on improving tools for the program, tools and features of the site. As long as we are always improving, we are happy.

WV: What is the most frustrating thing about running a program like yours?
NUB: It can be challenging working with different photographers and trying to get them to keep the same level of quality.

WV: What is the best part of running a program like yours?
NUB: We don’t have to rely traffic from other paysites or kiss ass to make sales. We just work hard on creating awesome tools and content.

WV: Any regrets?
NUB: I wish I started earlier.

WV: Any cool new projects coming down the pipe for you?
NUB: There are a few ideas, but nothing out yet to talk about.

WV: If you could change one thing about this biz what would it be?
NUB: It would be nice if people didn’t hate pornographers so much, but I think it’s getting better. Porn is becoming more accepted and mainstream.

WV: One last question: your site is wall to wall hotties. What has been the hottest thing you have seen at a photo shoot?
NUB: Thanks. When we bring in a new girl that has never done a shoot before and convince her to ride the sybian, she will usually cum harder than she ever has before in her life. offers 50% recurring payouts, cascading billing, fresh webmaster content and a lot of tools and features to help webmasters make money. Check them and their hot teen babes at


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