Interview With A Plus Cash

A Plus Cash is an affiliate program that has been around for a while but recently has undergone some changes and upgrades. We spoke with Arthur about A Plus Cash.

Webmaster Vault (WV): When did A Plus Cash start and can you tell us a little about how it came to be?
A Plus Cash (APC): The idea of starting an affiliate program came to me about 5 years ago, but the possibility appeared only in december 2005. We werent new to adult biz, but have never had any experience with paysites and affiliate programs, so we had to start from a scratch: make market/trend research, find/order content, make all the designs, configure the scripts and much more... It took us more than a year to make A+ Cash as it is now. Why A+ Cash? Thats an easy one, we had one criteria for the name of the program, it shouldve started with an "A" to be the first in alphabetical lists :) and A+ is the highest grade not only at school, but in porn industry also!

WV: What part of the world are you located in?
APC: Were from Europe, to be precise.

WV: How many people work for your program?
APC: Only 3 at the moment, Me(Arthur), Tyler and Deiter.

WV: Is the content on your sites exclusive to you, or do you used licensed content?
APC: We have non-exclusive content, but hopefully things will change in the future :)

WV: You program says you dont believe in consoles so your sites have no pop-ups on them. What brought that about? Does that stance have a drastic effect on your bottom line?
APC: Yes, our sites have NO pop-ups. We believe that consoles do make profits for affiliate programs, but they have negative effect on affiliates traffic and we do care about our affiliates.

WV: Your sites cover a few different niches from lesbian to gagging. Have you seen any of your sites step up as being a top performer?
APC: Of course some niches are doing better than the others. We decided not to put all the eggs in the same basket and try different niches to define the ones that are most profitable for us.

WV: Any new projects coming down the pipe in the near future?
APC: Last months weve been working alot on improving our members area. So now all updates are automated, added new sections and lots of new features. Next step will be free hosted galleries and free content for our webmasters. We are also planning to launch an all access site in the nearest future.

WV: If you could give affiliates one piece of advice in promoting your sites what would it be?
APC: 1. Never cut corners. 2. Try to imagine yourself in you visitors shoes. 3. Find good contacts.

WV: What do you like most about being the adult internet business?
APC: We all like porn here, dont we? So why not get paid for what we like?Being part of the adult internet business machine means to be independent. Every day you discover something new, meet interesting people, solve different problems - this makes life interesting :)

WV: What do you like least about being in the adult internet business?
APC: When you have to lie your girlfriends parents that you are just a web designer :)

WV: One last question. If the A Plus crew went down in a plane crash and was stranded in the mountains, who gets eaten first? :)
APC: 1st would be the pilot. 2nd would be Deiter, as he is the laziest one :)

A plus Cash offers affiliates $25 per signup or 60% revshare. They have had growing number of webmaster tools including multiple tours for each site and a 10% webmaster referral program. Check them out a



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