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Established in 2001 Adult Master Cash has built itself up with hard work and learning from early mistakes. Today they have a nice collection of different niche sites and a program that offers a wide variety of webmaster tools. We talked to Alex from Adult Master Cash to get the skinny on their program.

Webmaster Vault (WV): When did you start your program and how did it come about?
Adult master Cash (AMC): We launched on September 6, 2001 and prior to that we had two sites using an iBill affiliate program. It turns out we really didn’t know what we were doing when we started and we made a number of mistakes. Basically, we thought we knew it all and we could handle anything. Over the years we’ve learned from our missteps and now we’ve got a strong program running, thanks to our parents who gave us a good education so we could learn from past foul ups.

WV: What part of the world are you in?
AMC: We’re in Russian and it’s been a blessing and a cruse at the same time. It was ironic to be starting a business in a country famous for its bad internet communications and it’s led us to be significant efforts into creative programming in an effort to come up with a competitive program.

WV: How many people work for your program?
AMC: At this point there are five people in our central location and several more that we outsource work from. We try and use automation as much as possible so only five people can manage the entire program and deal with all our affiliates. However, as we grow we’re thinking about bringing on new employees.

WV: Do you shoot your own content or is it licensed to you?
AMC: Most of our content is exclusive to us but we do not shoot it ourselves. Usually we make a deal with a photographer and then buy the exclusive license from them. Our wives would not be pleased if we personally took part in shooting the content :)

WV: You have some interesting sites and operate some niche sites like voyeur, gay and bondage. Was this a conscious thought or was it just kind of how it worked out?
AMC:  Well, it’s a long story. Those sites you mentioned are successful, but our drunk site has turned out to be the real treasure in our collection. We thought it might be a hit, but it has exceeded even our wildest expectations. The nylon niche and our teen sex site has also performed well. Lately our pissing sites have been gaining in popularity and they’re close to challenging for our most profitable. On the other hand, there are a few sites that haven’t worked out that well.

Our voyeur project was a bust and we’re currently trying to come up with another way of taking advantage of the niche. Our other niche sites are not yet fully developed and we expect them to kick ass once they’ve been redesigned and dedicated. We’re always looking at new ideas and trying out new content, so our list of sites is always growing.

WV: Of your sites which would you say is the best performing?
AMC: is without a doubt of best performer. It makes money off of almost any kind of traffic, with the exclusion of highly targeted fetish traffic. It converts incredibly well and the rebills are high as well. It is the best of our sites, but the nylon, teen and pissing sites are close to it. Here’s the top five:

That’s pretty self explanatory, yes?

WV: Do you have any advice for webmasters that want to work in different fetish niches, but dont know much about them?
AMC: Of course! The best way to learn what drives someone with a fetish is to experience it yourself. Get up the courage to piss on your girlfriend, put on pantyhose, or tie up your old school teacher. The toughest thing in porn is for straight webmasters to try and sell gay don’t blame me if sampling that doesn’t work out so well for you. Just kidding :) Here is some serious advice. Make sure you know the niche you work with inside and out. You should be able to put yourself in the mind of your clients so you’ll know what they like. Don’t look down on anyone with a particular fetish; the more you respect them the more they’ll like your site. Basically, you have to know why they want their particular fetish and cater to that.

WV: Any new projects coming down the pipe any time soon?
AMC: Of course! We’re full of ideas and to be honest we have more than we can handle at any given time and we’re continually coming up with new ones.

Some of our projects have waited years to start and are still looking promising. If there’s one thing we’ve learned it’s to develop your business gradually; that’s the surest way to long-term income. The adult industry is quite mature now and it’s no longer feasible to jump in full bore and hope that you can make huge amounts of money in a few months. We want to be around for decades, continually presenting the market with new content and ideas.

Here’s an example of our innovation. We have finished a new member’s area engine and soon all our sites will use it. It makes browsing our content even easier and it’s shown an amazing rebill rate on the sites that are already using it. Also, we’ll soon be launching a new affiliate admin area with an incredibly variety of options. We’ve also got plenty of ideas for brand new sites that we’d rather not disclose right now.

WV: What do you like most about working in the adult internet business?
AMC: More than anything we like the freedom afforded to us. We get to be our own bosses and we can determine the direction of our business as we see fit. Life is never boring in this business. We also like that as the industry matures it’s moving closer to the corporate model where people are behaving more professionally. Also, porn is a business that will never go dry. People have an inexhaustible desire for sexual materials, and that desire is only growing as the years pass by. Finally, the internet is all about easily connecting people with what they need and adult content is a great way to make money off of that connectivity.

WV: What do you like least about working in the adult internet business?
AMC: It sounds a little strange, but the freedom can also be detrimental. Too much freedom leads to chaos, and you can’t run a successful business when chaos is in play. In the adult market things change in the blink of an eye because of the total freedom every producer has, and that can be hard to keep up with. The other negative aspect of porn is the reputation it has around the world. Just about every man has partaken in internet porn in his life and yet so many spend their time crusading against it in a fruitless exercise. There are even harsh laws in some countries restricting the use of porn. Why would they do that?

WV: Is it really true that Russian vodka is the best on the planet and can you hook a guy up.?
AMC: LOL. Well, Russian vodka really is one of the finest alcoholic drinks on the planet. In fact, there was a time when we were drinking far too much alcohol and we came close to quitting altogether. Nowadays we prefer French wine and Czech beer. My business friend and partner insists that Polish vodka is better than Russian, but it’s several years since he’s had any so what does he know?

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