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Lion Dollars is one of the larger affiliate programs out there today. With many different sites to promote including a nice selection of dating and escorting sites they have plenty of products to help pad affiliates pockets. We spoke with Lindsay (CuriousToyBoy) about Lion Dollars.

Webmaster Vault (WV): When did Lion Dollars come into existence? Can you give us a little bit of the background on how it started?
Lion Dollars Lindsay (CTB): LionDollars has been around in on form or another since 2002.  Currently in Version 3 of the program, Version 4 of the program,, incorporating next generation tools and concepts is well advanced in it’s development, and we are hoping to be launching Version 4 before Christmas 2007.  In that 5+ years of operation, LionDollars has gone from strength to strength to now be recognized as one of the largest and most trusted affiliate programs in the adult space.  The foundation to this growth and success lies firmly in the fact that even from it’s inception it could never have been considered as small program.  The LionDollars founders and owners, Ben and Phil, were significant traffic senders to other programs, and the genesis of LionDollars was firmly grounded on the huge traffic networks that Ben and Phil had built themselves and had up to then, sent to other programs.  LionDollars success was ensured before it even had 1 webmaster sending traffic.  Because of that, our focus these days is 100% on webmasters – because we do not depend on them totally, we can do so much more for them and provide the best system possible for them to make money with us.

WV: Where in the world are you located?
CTB: LionDollars is a Dutch company, with the corporate offices located in Holland .  There are administrative, marketing, production and operational functions also located in Asia, , , and Central America .

WV: How many people work for Lion Dollars?
CTB: Including direct employees, contract staff, production staff and contracted models globally, the organization incorporating LionDollars has about 25 people in it’s team.

WV: Your program has around 100 sites to promote including different types of dating sites. Have you seen any of the sites or niches really stand out as leaders of your program?
CTB: LionDollars started over 5 years ago with a distinct focus on straight hardcore and niches, for which we still have and maintain over 100 sites covering multiple niche markets.  Adult dating has been our core business of the past couple of years, and with 17 adult dating sites and growing, all drawing on a real and maintained database of over 20 million real people, this area has the mainstay of the extraordinary business growth in that time.  Over the last 9 months, we have introduced and have developed a unique concept in REAL escort directory sites(led by our flagship site, that are built around a three-pronged approach, of escort profile and listing self-management, client (surfer/subscriber) interface, and real time interactivity of user supplied escort reviews, forums and the like.  This has resulted in over 10000 active real agency and independent escorts from all over the world in what has become one of largest (if not the largest) constantly updated and user maintained, truly interactive escort community on the internet.  Real escorts and agencies have their own admin/management site ( to add and maintain listings.  This is totally free to them at all times.  We are the only program that operates an Escort community to this business model, and also the only program that offers whitelabel escort sites to affiliates.  Our solo girl sites are still in their infancy in real terms, but we are soon launching more and they are really proving to be an excellent addition to our program.

WV: You offer revshare and pay per signup options for your program. Is one more popular than the other?
CTB: We offer up to $40 PPS and 60% revshare as standard.  Revshare is a relatively recent introduction, but is proving more popular, especially with the escort and dating sites which retain incredibly well, but webmasters seem to continually like the high PPS, paid every week, and who can blame them !!!

WV: There was some drama on GFY involving you and content producer (I too was involved in that whole mess). Has there been any headway made with those problems?
CTB: That is not really a LionDollars company concern, but more a personal problem with a content producer who has always been pretty good to deal with, who then suddenly ripped a whole bunch of people off, myself personally included.  Suffice to say “Drugs are bad, Stay in School, M’Kay” ;-)  I am certainly one to call someone out and NOT let it rest – it makes for a better business environment for all concerned and I wish more people would do it, but do it based on FACTS and not on supposition, as is so often the case.

WV: Speaking of GFY and boards, you have a good reputation and are known on the boards. Do you think having some form of “board fame” gives you or your program any type of advantage?
CTB: I’ve said in other interviews and any time I am asked, I am the same person whether on the boards or at 4am in the morning, somewhere in the word, naked or wearing women’s clothing ;-)  Being known is obviously advantageous, but being know to be someone of your word and someone with integrity is the only way any type of “fame” can be parlayed into real business.  What I say on the boards I will say to your face, and because my face is well known and so many people know me for who I am, actions have always spoken louder than words when it comes to me.  Substance talks, bullshit walks, and in this biz there is a litany of people who shouted loud and are still really yet to even crawl, let alone do any walking !!

WV: Any new sites/projects coming down the pipe?
CTB: We are very excited about the upcoming launch of Version 4 of LionDollars, which will really open some new doors for affiliates to make even more out of promoting us.  The Escort site whitelabel program continues to go from strength to strength.  Our solo girl empire is expanding and that is also exciting.  We have something different with a mainstream flavor coming online in the next few weeks also, and being the lead on that project is really invigorating, but what it is still under wraps for the time being, so you’ll just have to wait like everyone else ;-)

WV: What do you like most about the adult internet biz?
CTB: Easy.  The friendships.  My best friends in the world are all over the world, and are in this business.  I can say after having opted out of the show circuit this year to concentrate on our new projects and spend some serious quality time with my family (26 shows in 2 years and coming all the way from Australia every time to do them gets a little draining), I am finding that I am REALLY missing my friends lots.  Conversely though, I am not missing a lot of the show B.S. at all.

WV: What do you like least about the adult internet biz?
CTB: You know, apart from people not outing scammers quicker and harder and therefore helping make our biz a better one via that, there are really no complaints at all.  To think of what we do, how we get to do it, the lifestyle it affords us and the returns on investment, life as a pornographer really does not suck.  At all.  2c

WV: One last question. You are known for having some colorful and wild outfits that you wear to different gathers. What would you say is your favorite and do you have any new outfits planned?
CTB: Wow, I have worn so much (and so little !!) over the years how am I supposed to choose !!   I suppose my most favorite, and not just because my good friend JFK from used it on the front (and back !!) of the 2007 FUBAR Calendar, is the black lingerie set I wore for my “audition” as “Lindsay Lightspeed”  at one of Steve Lightspeed’s after hours parties at Phoenix Forum a couple of years ago.  Steve’s reaction was priceless.  The other “old favorite” would be the pink lycra one piece swimsuit, that made it’s debut during the beach volleyball in San Diego , and then got worn for 2 days straight while Mc’ing functions at Redneck Getaway for Mike and his awesome team at MayorsMoney was also most memorable.  I don’t really plan any of my shenanigans, I do generally what the fuck I want when the fuck I want.  I do things for my own amusement, the fact others enjoy/hate/remember my antics is quite simply a bonus.  So because it is just “me being me”, you can surely expect the “CuriousToyBoy Show”, in one form or another, to go forever when I get back on the circuit after a quiet year this year  ;-)

Lion Dollars offers pay per signup and revshare options for all of their affiliates. They have many sites to promote and are always working hard to expand their empire and help their affiliates make money. Check them out at

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