Our Interview With Bobby From Azure Cash

Azure Cash is one of the new kids on the affiliate block, but with some good, experienced people behind it they are growing fast. We talked to Bobby about the program, the boards and the adult internet business.

Webmaster Vault: Can you give us some insight on when and how
Azure Cash came into existence?
Azure Cash: We had a very small program that we ran through epoch for a few years but never really focused on it. Azure Cash which launched at the end of May with NATS is our first real program with 100% focus.

WV: Where in the world are you located?
AC: West Palm Beach , FL.

WV: How many people work for your program?
AC: We have six employees two that are fully dedicated to Azure Cash the rest wear the hats of both the content business and the azure cash.

WV: Your sites offer exclusive content. Do you shoot the content yourself or do you hire that work out?
AC: Yes most of the content in our sites are shot by our production company, we have been producing content for six years now.

WV: Many of your sites are “solo girl” style sites. Do the girls have much input on how the site is run and what is in it?
AC: The girls in our solo sites have different degrees of participation depending on how much they want to be involved. Some are very hands on while some let us manage most of the details and just interact with their members.

WV: Your program offers a 60% revshare. Will there be any type of pay per signup in the future? If not is there any particular reason why?
AC: Yes as we learn and have a better understanding of our traffic, retention, risk and targeting fraud we will move over to PPS. Right now we are only really working with 90days of data not a lot to go on in figuring what are the right amounts to pay out. We are trying to build this system the right way.

WV: Speaking of pay per signup your program offers a $100 per signup day once a month. How has that gone so far? Do you see a big increase in traffic on those days?
AC: We have been holding off on the 100 days until the end of summer, to many people on vacation we did not think it would be effective enough till after the end of August, Most likely we will run it in September when every one is back to work.

WV: If you could give affiliates one piece of advice in promoting your sites what would it be?
AC: Affiliates have been promoting our content for years with all the major programs we know how to make content that converts and now we can make you money directly.

WV: Any new projects coming down the pipe?
AC: We just hired Kre8t0r to take the reigns of the program; he has the experience and the background we have been looking for to run the program. We have two more sites coming on line one called milfmadness.com and the other alexiscapri.com.

WC: What do you like most about the adult internet business?
AC: I like the freedom it offers, you meet a lot of very smart people who have forged not only the adult industry but internet technology as well. They are easily approachable and usually willing to share their knowledge.

WV: What do you like least about the adult internet business?
AC: The rumor mill.

WV: One last question. Recently there was a guy on GFY slamming your program. You called him out as a scammer and thief who stole from you while working for Azure Cash. Do you think drama like this ultimately helps, hurts or has no effect an affiliate program?
AC: I am involved in a legal issue with this individual so I can’t get into details. What I have learned is I will not hire outside the industry, it just doesn’t work. I won’t even hire people who have a background in adult if not specific to the task, god knows (and many in the industry) I have tried. I think it has an effect in the short term but not for the long term. People have a very big misconception of this industry from the outside, this is a business I treat it as such.

Azure Cash offers affiliates features like exclusive content, free hosted galleries, and customizable exit consoles. Check out www.azurecash.com for more information.


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