Our Interview With Jay Of Juicy Ads

Juicy Ads provides advertising solutions for both webmasters looking to buy traffic and site owners looking to sell. This is our conversation with Jay, the owner of Juicy Ads

Jay has been in the adult online business for a while. He has owned different types of sites and worked in various niches. His site Juicy Ads connects people looking to buy spots on various sites with people looking to sell. Juicy Ads offers ad spots for people with every type of budget and offers webmasters a place to sell their ad space. This is our conversation with him.

Webmaster Vault (WV) - How long has Juicy Ads been in business? Can you give us some insight into how it started out?
Jay - Back in the days before everyone was selling spots, I sold TGP and other spots at NNGalleries.com as early as 2003, I think.  There was a waitlist a mile long and was constantly turning people away, so there was a need for more space to sell rather than continue to turn people away.  The idea of an adult-specific advertising brokerage stuck in my head for about 2 years before development started in 2006.  A LOT has changed even since the first JuicyAds build.  The original system was manual, I placed and removed all ads by hand on the dozen or so websites and waited for demand to rise before automating the entire system.

WV - How did you get started in the online adult business?
Jay - A long, long time ago I ran a Celebrity website and threw some porn banners on it.  Suddenly, I was making a bunch of money at $35 a signup from TrafficCashGold (my first major sponsor).  In 2001 I took pretty much all the money I had left and bought NNGalleries.com in its infancy.  The site looked like absolute shit, but I worked at it and focused, and just stuck with it.  Tawnee Stone was the big money maker back then and after the checks started to come in, I was hooked.

WV - Juicy Ads seems to have sites of all different sizes on it. Do you sell more ads on the smaller or larger sites?
Jay - It really doesnt matter what size the websites are.  There are always people who need big traffic from larger websites who are willing to pay for a good spot, and people who dont have much money who buy spots on smaller websites.  We sell everything and I dont turn people away.  Although, there is such a thing as a website that is too small.  People sometimes jump to sell ads on their websites when they receive less than 1k uniques daily, and thats a mistake.  You should be focused on traffic generation at that point until your website is larger.

WV - What types of features does Juicy Ads offer its buyers and sellers?
Jay - One of the more unique things about JuicyAds is that you dont have to settle for less than you want for your ad space.  You are in control of the pricing and when your ads are not sold you can place your own ads in your space, for free.  When the space is sold your ads are saved and restored when the purchased spot expires.  We just rolled out the "Filler" or "Default" ads for people who dont want to place their own ads (currently in Beta).

Overall we just try to keep things simple for our buyers.  Its easy to get confused by all the options and details but JuicyAds is simple on purpose. Buying traffic and ads just doesnt need to be complicated.  If you see something you want, you buy it, place the ad, and thats it.  Many of the features added are based on requests from our clients, and its important to listen to them.

WV - If someone is new to buying ad spots what type of advice would you give them to help maximize their advertising dollar?
Jay - Always look to improve your ads.  JuicyAds sells ads by time, not clicks, so you are able to put up clicky ads that wont cost you more if more people click on them.   Dont just slap in an ad and forget about it, especially when youre able to update and change your ad to make it better.  Just because you think an ad is clicky doesnt mean that others will think the same thing, so always watch your click stats and compare your numbers to the average and top clicks for that zone.  If you are significantly lower than others who bought the same space, change your ad.  If you are getting the clicks you want, and not making sales, you should look at what youre selling and possibly try something else, or buy ads on another website.  Not all websites will convert the same.

Many new advertisers promoting their paysites forget about branding and just focus on sales.  The more people see your name or product out there, the more likely they are to buy it in the future.  Sure, instant sales are a great thing but in the long run advertising pays for itself.

WV - Any new projects coming down the pipe any time soon?
Jay - I have more projects to develop than is humanly possible!  Between JuicyAds, my freesites, and traffic script (ZeroScript.net) things are pretty busy. The next major step for JuicyAds is the JuicyMarket expansion. JuicyMarket will be like a classifieds section where people will be able to post things like websites that are for sale, tgp spots, hardlinks, jobs, and much more.  Webmasters are always looking for opportunities and we want to help.

WV - What do you like best about working in the adult internet biz?
Jay - Being able to start up a website with nothing but an idea and time is an amazing thing.  Being a web developer (adult and mainstream) has been the only job I have ever had, and wouldnt change it for the world.

WV - What do you dislike about working in the adult internet biz?
Jay - My primary dislike is how many free porn sites are out there.  Everyone wants to have a freesite because they think its easy money and theyll make a ton of sales right away so they setup a website that offers nothing new, and they just fill the website with hosted galleries that you can already get at a million other websites.  The motivation is usually just to make money at any cost.  I just wish that people would try and be more original, put a different spin on an idea rather than just flooding the market with more free porn.

WV - If the internet had never been invented, what do you think you would be doing today?
Jay - Id be busy inventing the internet, of course.  The only reason Im in this business is because I fell into it, I didnt go looking for it.  Before this I didnt know what I wanted to do, so honestly, I have no idea.

Thanks Jay!  Start making more money by buying ad spots from JuicyAds


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