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At 2Much Internet Services Inc, we endeavor to remain leaders in innovation and invention with our LiveCamNetwork 1.9 Streaming Media Solution. LCN 1.9 takes the industry's most advanced audio/video streaming information technology and elevates it to an integrated video/audio stream delivery, site management and billing solution that permits owner/operators to focus on marketing, creativity and revenue without worrying about servers, hosting systems or pay-out management. LiveCamNetwork v1.9 does everything except get the coffee.

Note: The following are press releases that were released from 2 much over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

11/28/2012 - 2Much.net Sponsors Montreal Webmaster Event

(Montreal) November, 2012 - Award-winning software creator 2much.net is once again sponsoring Qwebec Expo's annual Montreal Adult Biz Xmas Party.
"Any chance we get to show and provide support for Michael [Plant] and Qwebec Expo, we take," said 2much.net founder and president Mark Prince.
The company is joined by other Montreal movers and shakers in the adult industry such as Gamma Entertainment and My Gay Cash, Paxum.com as well as Crak Revenue, Fubar Webmasters and Babes Money.
Initially announced as taking place at another location, the venue has now been confirmed to be the BalRoom Bar, on trendy St-Laurent Blvd.
Announced in multiple threads across adult forums and social network platforms, the much-anticipated gathering will feature free admission for "Adult Peeps", free drink tickets all night, and a reserved VIP section.
"Of course this is NOT reserved to Adult people from Montreal only,"
organizer and Qwebec Expo owner Michael Plant wrote, inviting anyone in the business who will be or can be in the area for the party.
Once again, the celebration will be Saturday, December 1st, 2012 at 11:00PM, at the Balroom Bar, 3643 St-Laurent, in Montreal, Quebec.
For more information and any updates, go to the event's Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/events/116911478470086/ .

09/15/2004 - 2much.net is Coming to Reality TV

Quebec City, Canada - The crew from LiveCamNetwork.com and 2much.net are heading down to old Quebec City for the Qwebec Expo this Labor Day weekend, where the live adult video chat site is nominated in the Best Amateur Site category of the Best Adult Awards.
While LiveCamNetwork is nominated, 2much.net is sponsoring the event as well as hosting a seminar entitled "Webcam Sites & Models Management", with 2much.net boss Mark Prince and Media and Communications Greg Jones on the podium.
Following them will be the crew from another company: award winning Galafilm Inc. is shooting a "docu-soap" about the online adult industry as viewed through the world of 2much.net and other sites and personalities.
"They're also following Dugmor from JoinRightNow and Emanuelle, the NaughtyNiche girl," said Jones.
Jones, Dugmor and Emanuelle are also judges for the Best Adult Awards show, which honors the best in online adult websites and personalities.
Galafilm, which won multiple Emmy and Gemini awards with last year's "Cirque Du Soleil: Fire Within" docu-soap, hopes to recreate the tension and reality drama of that series with this production, tentatively titled "Web Dreams."
Does Jones have an acceptance speech ready? "Yeah, I do," he said. "I think we have a very good chance of winning."

07/02/2004 - 2much.net Upgrades Market Tactics and LiveCamNetWork Software

Montreal, Quebec - 2much Internet Services is planning a significant change in marketing strategy over the coming months with the advent of its LiveCamNetwork 2.0 video chat-site software package upgrade.
"Less emphasis is going to be placed on the company and more on the company's product," stated Greg Jones, in charge of Media & Communications. "Especially now that we are offering different buy-in options to meet the growing interest in Internet marketing."
LiveCamNetwork 1.9 is a software package intended for Internet entrepreneurs ready to exploit the possibilities of an on-line, charge-per-minute, live video streaming website. 2much.net websites are also available for sale as units to newcomers unfamiliar with the web who nonetheless want a taste of e-commerce.
Jones cites explosive growth in sales and productivity since the October 2003 release of LiveCamNetwork 1.9 as a reason for the change in marketing. "I think the release of version 2.0 is going to have a similar impact on the present state of affairs," he said. "Originally, the emphasis on the company was a result of the uniqueness of the package. Consumers weren't aware of what we had. We offer everything a revenue-generating live video website needs. No one knew they could look for everything in one package. Now that 2much.net's profile has grown thanks to 1.9, we can push the company to the back of the shelf and show off the product."
The company plans to stake an even larger claim of the market this year. "It's almost inevitable," said Mark Prince, 2much.net founder and CEO. "It's something no one else is offering, and IT is reclaiming a foothold in the economy in 2004."
Slated for release one year after its predecessor, LiveCamNetwork 2.0 is much more than an upgrade. "The difference will be felt at the tips of people's fingers. They thought 1.9 was a smooth, powerful machine. But it's a clunking Frankenstein compared to LiveCamNetwork 2.0," said Prince. "The difference is in the approach. We're not just plugging in here and there. Or fine tuning this or that process. The program is being entirely rewritten to be a lean, mean streaming machine."
"Technology is catching up with what our software can do, " said Jones. "LCN 2.0 will leave 1.9 eating dust. Our goals, especially on the technological side, are finally attainable."

For more information please visit http://www.2much.net.

01/29/2004 - 2Much.net Bounces Back From Billing Bust

Montreal, Quebec - 2Much Internet Services, the company responsible for last year's surprise entry in high-end video-audio streaming and billing software, LiveCamNetwork 1.9, was forced to a standstill over the weekend of January 16-19 when its newly formed network of websites virtually lost the capacity to accept payments from clients.
In what can be seen as yet another deadly Internet undertow, ProBilling, the third-party billing company 2much.net has dealt with since last summer, announced it would cease all credit card billing services, with only e-checking remaining.
Citing "challenging times for all online credit card processing companies" in their January 16 bombshell communiqué, Probilling claimed "due to the increased scrutiny by the credit card associations we feel that we can no longer offer reliable credit card processing". Calling the credit giants "high risk processing" Pro Billing cancelled these services with only a four-day warning on Visa and none for MasterCard.
2Much Internet services, which powers a few dozen chat websites and requires a reliable third-party billing processor to enable customer purchases, was obliged to put normal operations on hold and hunt the market to seal a deal before the January 20th deadline.
2Much President and CEO Mark Prince and his programming team immediately began approaching companies, dealing for compatibility to the 2Much system. Each billing company is unique and shares no standards when communicating sensitive customer data between transaction points. "We have had to write new software," said Ye Zhang, head programmer at 2Much.net, "for each of the billing companies we have tested."
The distinctive E-Wallet system LiveCamNetwork 1.9 uses simplifies purchases for end users but can't be universally adapted to just any third party billing system. 2much.net had the unpleasant option to either re-write its LiveCamNetwork software or reconsider the system altogether, but in the end decided against either course.
"It was hell," Prince said. "Phones rang, customers were nervous. They just dropped $12,000 on our software and they needed service. It has been hectic." Prince remained upbeat throughout, he claims, and remembered when a previous billing company pulled the rug from under his feet. "It was a challenge. Our software actually grew because we found new ways to work with billing companies as far as improving the transfer of data and improving the customer experience by way of the new e-wallet function."
Five days past the deadline, 2Much was still testing. "We're looking into standardizing ourselves with one company in particular, and I have a pretty good idea who that'll be, but I won't say any more for now," said Prince.
Despite his lack of rancor, Prince said he had a bone to pick with ProBilling. "They announced it on a Friday, making finding another company to work with harder. Then there's the fact that nobody was open on Martin Luther King Day, a three-day weekend."
Despite a quick response by 2Much, the eleventh-hour announcement from ProBilling has been unduly harmful. "All 2much-powered sites had approximately 70% drop in sales, " said Prince.
2Much.net sites lost money, said 2Much Communications Director Greg Jones, "but not faith in 2much. Actually, reactions have been encouraging and calm on behalf of the webmasters. I think that demonstrates a great amount of faith and understanding on their part. I just hope no one took too much of a financial beating."
Prince was even more confident. "LiveCamNetwork 1.9 features the MBase model sharing and our e-wallet system. All this will be forgotten inside a week. We've already found our billing companies and are signing agreements with them as I speak. Now is time to get back to making money."
For more information, please visit the site at www.2Much.net.