SlowMoCash Press Releases

Note: The following are press releases that were released from SlowMoCash over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

03/10/2009 - Takes Porn To An Entirely New Level

March 11, 2009 – Who knew science could be so much fun.

Weve all seen those awesome slow motion videos capturing birds flying, guns shooting, and other random everyday events. Well now takes quite a twist on those videos and shoots gorgeous naked ladies doing a wide variety of things in slow motion. Have you ever seen an ass slapped in super slow motion? Well then you havent lived my friend. uses slow motion cameras, also known as high speed cameras, that shoot video in super slow motion. When I say slow motion I mean over 1,000 frames per second. It caputures all those little things the naked eye misses. Keep in mind regular video shoots at around 30 fps, but when you slow things down it sheds a whole new light on things. It is a strange but enticing mix of technology and beauty that makes viewers want to see everything has to offer.

For all site owners who wish to promote something fresh and new there is an affiliate program setup at Youll find a good variety of banners, hosted galleries, and FLVs for you to add to your sites. There is a 50% commission on all sales + a 10% webmaster referral program in place as well.

In a time where generic content is saturated pretty much everywhere and conversions are at an all time low, you need to promote new and exciting sites. Promoting SexySlowMotion might help out your bottom line and give your surfers something fun to check out at the same time.

Visit to see some videos or for the cash program & more information.

12/22/2008 - innovative affiliate program announces lanuch. is proud to announce its launch with the release of its unique flagship paysite Where the action is shot at 600 frames per second as opposed to the standard 30 frames.

Program owner Dave Lentamente explains "I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of these super high frame cameras and the creativity flowed from there. We are producing content that hasnt been seen anywhere else before. The videos are edited to show both real time and slow motion videos of things happening to see the comparison."

The videos include bursting water balloons to solo masturbation. Dave continued "Watching a chicks ass being slapped or boobs bouncing in slow motion

is a mesmerizing event."

This is eyecatching content at its best, sure to catch a surfers eye in the mass of online content. To back up the videos there are matching photosets, all the content is 100% exclusive.and the site focuses on teen amateur hotties.

Program details:

Its a 50% recurring payout on all sales and rebills administered via ccbill. There is also a 10% webmaster referral bonus. Hosted galleries, embeddable flash videos, POTD and banners are all available at is looking to work with other program owners to shoot using the slow motion camera and for creative ideas from affiliates who need specific promotional content. is an innovative new affiliate program taking the hottest in amateur teen models and presenting them in a way not yet seen by either surfers or affiliate webmasters.

For more information or specific promotional requests please email or visit today.