Geo Targeting Solutions

Geo Targeting allows you to server specific ads to people based on their physical location. This is a very powerful tool that has proven to increase sales for many people and companies who have used it; most notably the online dating industry. However with some creativity it can help bring in extra income with most any product.

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Standard Listings
  • 5000 Free Banners
    Adult banner exchange. 5000 free impressions when you join.
  • Ad Peeps
    Text and banner ad rotating software with built in geotargeting.
  • Adult Dating Swap
    Exit traffic exchange for adult dating sites offering a 3:2 ratio.
  • Adult Site Traffic
    Adult site banner exchange.
  • AltraSoft Geo Redirect
    Geo targeting and traffic redirection software.
  • BannerSpace
    Target your banner ad campaign by country, state, zip code, or DMA.
  • Best Banner
    Free banner exchange with a 4:3 ratio or earn $3 per 100k impressions.
  • Geo-Ads PHP
    A Geo Targeting ad management solution written in PHP.
  • IP2Location
    Solution to identify visitor's geographical location using their IP database.
  • Niched Hubs
    A sophisticated system to direct targeted traffic to quality adult websites.
  • See Voyeur
    Adult banner exchange offer a 1:1 ratio.
  • TGP Traffic
    Banner exchange for clean adult sites offering 3:2 ratio.
  • XXX-Banner
    Free adult site banner exchange. one-to-one impression ratio.
  • XXX-Exits
    Exit traffic exchange for adult sites offering a 4:3 ratio.