Password Protection Scripts

Brute password hackers & password traders can run your bandwidth bill through the roof while bringing your server to it's knees. Make sure to keep your members area secure with one of the following solutions.

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Standard Listings
  • Pass Protector
    Protect against pw traders, brute force hackers, & bandwidth leechers.
  • Password Sentry
    Protect your site from password traders and hackers.
  • Pennywize
    Protection from password trading & brute force paysite attacks.
  • Proxy Pass
    Defense against proxy & non-proxy based brute force password hacking.
  • Share Defender
    Thieves love to access member's areas with other people's logins. But they're not just stealing your smut, they're stealing your bandwidth too! Put a stop to them with Share Defender, which helps you analyze and fight password sharing.
  • T4W Sentry
    A password protection script with HTML login and access monitor.