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Note: The following are press releases that were released from 123 Bill over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

06/01/2006 - TopBucks Launches $88 PPS Friday Promo

Tucson, AZ - May 30, 2006 - TopBucks, in celebration of its 8th year anniversary, is hooking up webmasters with an INCREDIBLE $88 PPS. No minimum sales required.

Each Friday, from June 2 to August 11, a new group of sites will be selected that will net $88 per sale. This Fridays group of sites include:

* BigCockSex

* LargeGirlsXXX

* TrannyHouse

* HerFirstLesbianSex

* GangBangSquad

* InsaneCockBrothas

* MuscleMenXXX

* AllGayRealityPass

For a schedule of which sites bring in bonus cash, go to http://www.topbucks.com/promos/8yr/list.html.

Participants must have a TopBucks account. To open one, go to http://www.topbucks.com and get those links up!

For complete deals on the $88 PPS Fridays promo, please go to

http://www.topbucks.com/promos/8yr/ or contact support@topbucks.com.

05/15/2006 - EuroRevenue Targets Content Producers with Unique Rev-Share Program

VIENNA, Austria (Monday, May 15, 2006) – It isn’t easy running a production company in the new millennium. The Internet, coupled with the affordability of ‘prosumer’ rigs and editing stations, expanded the playing field, but simultaneously left many seasoned professionals—the old guard—out in the cold.

Until now.

EuroRevenue (www.EuroRevenue.com), the facial fetish and Bukkake niche leader, offers a rev-share program designed specifically for producers and licensors who are struggling to survive in a world of dwindling video store sales and, sadly, dwindling video storefronts.

The company’s CPRS (Content Producer Revenue Sharing) program is a turnkey solution, giving producers the ability to turn existing content into fresh paysites that generate serious revenue.

There are few requirements and no strings attached.

CPRS clients don’t need to learn HTML. They don’t need to choose processors or hosts. They don’t need to hire designers. They don’t need to be tech-savvy, have Internet marketing muscle or even a positive cash flow.

EuroRevenue handles everything: site creation and management, content delivery and security, affiliate marketing, promotion and more.

Producers need only supply the content, and since there are no strings attached, nothing like an exclusivity agreement is required.

CPRS was EuroRevenue owner Joe’s response to a trend he noted in the late ‘90s. “At the time, many companies were still convinced the Internet was a fad. Low-speed modems showing tiny 30-second clips were the norm, and it was difficult to imagine a future where this method of delivery could somehow signal the death knell for mail-order and brick-and-mortar outlets. As for those who could see the writing on the wall, so many were preyed upon by unscrupulous online startups, they resolved to turn away and never look back.”

Today, as CPRS clients, many producers are experiencing a renaissance, welcoming an entirely new audience that is, best of all, a paying audience.

There are no fees associated with CPRS, and producers receive the same benefits that webmasters do, including monthly payouts and access to accurate, real-time stats.

“CPRS clients get paid like webmasters, too,” offered Joe, “every time a surfer joins or renews.”

Joe and the EuroRevenue team have seen a lot of press lately. Extreme hardcore destination GGGSexBox.com was released last month, and JapaneseBukkakeOrgy.com is coming soon.

For additional information about CPRS and every EuroRevenue program, visit www.EuroRevenue.com today!

04/20/2006 - EroticaGold.com (aka NicheBux.com) Announces Change of Ownership

LOS ANGELES, Calif—EroticaGold.com, whose niche-targeted, high-converting sites have been generating millions for webmasters over the years, today announced that it has broken away from Stage One Enterprises, Inc. and is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of INXS Studio Inc.

Coinciding with the move to INXS Studio, the company has changed its affiliate program moniker and URL from NicheBux.com to EroticaGold.com. Existing Nichebux.com affiliates should find the transition seamless and error-free. No updates are necessary. Webmasters are asked to log into their control panels at www.EroticaGold.com just as they had previously at NicheBux.com.

Committed to offering the most diverse collection of niche and microniche destinations in the industry, EroticaGold has added four new paysites to its ever-expanding inventory.

Pornstar Rehearsal (www.PornStarRehearsal.com), GangBang Gangsters (www.GangBangGangsters.com), Hottest Party Girls (www.HottestPartyGirls.com) and Dwarfz (www.Dwarfz.com) are already proving to be big money-makers for EroticaGold webmasters.

General Manager of EroticaGold, Tony P. is excited about the flurry of updates and additions. “Everything happening around here—from the consolidation of Nichebux.com to the move to INXS Studio to the new site additions—speaks volumes about the growth of our brand and image. It’s huge for the company, and huge for our affiliates. These are calculated, quantifiable changes that EroticaGold.com webmasters will be able to take right to the bank.”

Where most affiliate programs brandish unique, original guest tours that lead ultimately to the same generic members hub, EroticaGold builds a unique mega-members area for each paysite in its portfolio. This ‘value-added’ approach to site-creation satisfies end-users and translates to lower churn-rates and bigger paydays for webmasters.

EroticaGold webmasters can take advantage of the company’s $20 per signup or $20 per rebill program. Affiliates also receive a $3 referral bonus on every sale or rebill from all referred webmasters for the life of the membership. And EroticaGold partners don’t have to wait to find out how their traffic is performing. Stats are available in real time, 24/7.

Every EroticaGold destination is supported by an impressive portfolio of sales and marketing tools, including consoles, buttons, banners, free hosted video and photo galleries, and more. Plus, EroticaGold’s team of expert graphic designers are on hand to create custom sales tools that conform to every webmaster’s unique needs.

For additional information, Email Tony P. directly at tony@eroticagold.com or visit www.EroticaGold.com today!

01/20/2006 - EnvisionextAdult.com Announces Release of AdultDesignContest.com

Friday, January 20th , 2006 Sayreville, NJ – EnvisionextAdult.com Announces Release of AdultDesignContest.com

EnvisionextAdult.com, a leading provider of adult web design and development solutions, celebrated the end of 2005 with the release of a new web design service portal – AdultDesignContest.com.

The adult entertainment industry has held multiple design contests in the past, but an efficiently organized and standardized system has been lacking in the market. Potential contest participants were required to monitor adult forums to find contests of interest, resulting in the failure of specific contests to attract a sufficient number of designers. EnvisionextAdult.com perceived a gap in this arena and decided to pursue it, and thus AdultDesignContest.com was born.

AdultDesignContest.com (ADC) www.adultdesigncontest.com is a virtual marketplace where contest creators and designers can convene and collaborate. It enables designers to display their previous work and solicit design jobs outside of the ADC system. Beginning designers can build their portfolios and use their free time efficiently. And for a small fee, contest clients can get maximum exposure for their contests, ensuring optimal results. ADC incorporates a notification system that allows designers to be informed when a contest of their interest is started. There is thus no need for designers to monitor multiple forums to locate contests to participate in, and the client benefits from the highest degree of contest exposure. Instant notification via ICQ and email enables more immediate participation in the contest by designers, resulting in faster design solutions for the client. Both open and private contests are supported.

The system operates in a simple three-step process. A deposit is made into an ADC escrow account, specifications are posted on the website, and entries are reviewed and accepted by the client. Because ADC serves as an escrow, the winning designer is compensated in a timely manner and the client is relieved of having to pay multiple parties.

Stan Fiskin, President, says of the project, "There is finally a place where webmasters can get the best job done for their budget - this has never been done in the adult marketplace."

EnvisionextAdult is a global enterprise specializing in high-quality adult web design, development, branding, and hosting solutions. Our team of award-winning, world-renowned web designers & developers continuously realizes our vision of 100% client satisfaction. EnvisionextAdult’s headquarters are located in Sayreville, NJ, with multiple satellite offices throughout the world.

01/20/2006 - Adult Bouncer launches exclusive video line

Friday, January 20th, 2006 Ontario, —Adult Site Network leader, Adult Bouncer (http://www.adultbouncer.com) has launched a new video line that will be made available exclusively to the network’s members.

New, high-quality videos will be released each month, and Adult Bouncer is committed to keeping them all member exclusives. As a company source put it, “We’re not up selling or reselling this content. If you’re not a member, you’re not going to see it.”

Adult Bouncer members already have access to daily updates from hundreds of sites in the network. The new monthly exclusive adds an additional layer to Adult Bouncer’s formidable stack of member-services. The company feels that affiliate partners will benefit most from the new addition.

Adult Bouncer has always been considered a slam-dunk destination site for all kinds of traffic for one simple reason: members stay members. Churn rates are incredibly low, and with a 50% rev-share on all joins and rebills, many webmasters have quietly built vast fortunes with Adult Bouncer’s partner program.

Now, with the launch of the new video line, Adult Bouncer has introduced several new promotional tools, and conversion rates have never been higher. To learn how you can generate revenue as an Adult Bouncer affiliate, visit http://www.adultbouncer.com today!

01/18/2006 - Pink Visual set to release two new Her First titles

Pink Visual announced the release of two new volumes to there very popular

"Her First" line. Her First Anal Sex 6 and Her First Lesbian Sex 7 are

scheduled for release this week. Each DVD is jam packed with 2 1/2 hours of

raw reality hardcore lesbian content.

The fifth volume of Her First Anal Sex continues our dudes quest to bust

every ass cherry on the planet. This DVD features six amateur beauties

facing the age old dilemma, "To take it in the arse or not to take it in the

arse". As you may have guessed, every one of these girls gets their

brown-eye busted.

The act of two hot and horny women rubbing and sucking each other is truly

one of lifes greatest pleasures. Her First Lesbian Sex volume 7 features

real, straight women experiencing the ultimate experience.

This DVD is made up of six sex scenes in which seasoned pros break in

another batch of wanna be lezbos.

To order these DVDs or any other titles visit the newly revamped


12/30/2005 - Special Performance Announced for The Jungle Bash

LOS ANGELES, CALIF—Shifty, whose band, Crazy Town, climbed to the top of the music charts with the 2001 pop hit, “Butterfly,” will headline at Jungle Bash on January 5th at Mandalay Bay’s Rum Jungle in Las Vegas.

Following the release of the album, “Darkhorse” in 2002, and a successful, solo collaboration with Paul Oakenfield on the song, "Starry Eyed Surprise," the Los Angeles native formed the outfit, “Cherry Lane,” which will take the stage alongside him at the industry’s first, must-attend event of the new year.

In addition to the numbers populating his normal set list, Shifty will be performing the official theme song composed exclusively for Ultimate Sex Championship (USC), one of Jungle Bash Platinum Sponsors.

Ultimate Sex Championship (USC) is a new site poised to set the industry ablaze in 2006. The site-premise is simple: amateur couples submit their amateur sex videos to Ultimate Sex Championship, and compete for a grand prize worth $100,000.

Since the USC project has been groomed from the start to appeal to mainstream audiences, company officials asked Shifty to pen an anthem with plenty of crossover appeal.

The musician’s labors yielded the smooth, highly-polished, “Greatest Lovers,” and guests of Jungle Bash will be able to see the song performed live for the first time ever.

“Amateur action is where it’s at,” an Ultimate Sex Championship insider explained, “but sometimes you really need a professional in your corner. This is one of those times. We’re all looking forward to Shifty’s performance at Jungle Bash!”

Jungle Bash begins at 10pm sharp on the first night of the Expo, and a free shuttle service will be provided from the Venetian Hotel to Mandalay Bay and back, beginning at 9:30pm.

In addition to Shifty’s performance, Jungle Bash guests will be entertained by thrilling aerialists, the Rum Jungle Dancing Girls, a live DJ and more.

Complimentary food and drink will be available, as well. Attendees can relax at an open bar overflowing with potent jungle juices and decadent hors doeuvres and entrées.

To secure tickets for Jungle Bash contact any of the event sponsors, and for additional information visit www.TheJungleBash.com today!




�ADULTCON 8 will be on May 1, 2005

Sherman Oaks, Ca.

Adultcon returns to the


Once again, Adultcon 8, also known as AC 8,

will feature a veritable who�s who of the Adult world

with over 70 adult stars & 30 adult businesses.

Some of the confirmed talent as of February 1st is

Aurora Snow, Avy Roth, Brandi Lyons, Daphne Rosen

Cleopatra, Exotica, Genesis Skye, Bella Star, Jackie Moore,

Hannah Harper, Nina Dolce, Sarah Blake, Shy Love,

Keisha, Luccia, Stephanie Swift & Victoria Givens.

Event info is at www.Adultcon.com

Adultcon is owned by Adult Industry Entertainment.

Interested talent, exhibitors, sponsors & advertisers

may email info@Adultcon.com

08/23/2004 - mxDevelopment.com Releases 2257 Register

New York City, NY- mxDevelopment.com is proud to release our latest product - 2257 Register.
2257 Register will provide the webmaster with the ability to add all performer records into a single database along with acceptable documentation files, acceptable photo identification images and a corresponding thumbnail image per model. In addition 2257 register organizes all records alphabetically for quick searching and cross referencing when needed.
2257 Register includes a viewable and editable "record book" which is sorted in alphabetical order for quick viewing of matching records based on the starting character of the models name. The record book also allows the webmaster to edit the models information.
For cross referencing 2257 Register incorporates a multi field search which allows you to quickly lookup records based on: Model Stage Name, Model Alias, Model DOB, Name Of Scene and the URL the content can be found on.
2257 Register provides webmasters the ability to record all primary content producer information required, as well as the ability to update these records when needed.
For making additional copies of your records, 2257 Register also provides a "Printable Report" generator, which will arrange all the entered records in alphabetical order, and prepare a document with all model, primary producer and secondary producer information ready for printing.
2257 Register provides 3 levels of user access - Administrator (full access), read only and read/write non-admin, a logging facility to show each user's actions for employee audit purposes. Unlimited user accounts can be created using these security settings.
2257 Register is web based for inter-OS compatibility.
Our newest feature to the software is the “producer auto update”. Participating content providers will receive a free version of this software which allows them to enter the model information, and export this to their web server allowing their clients running the 2257 register software to automatically import the models record. All the client needs to do is enter the URL to the documentation, and the 2257 register will handle the import.
Stay on top of changes with the “auto-update” feature that are included with your purchase.
Get organized today and be prepared with 2257 Register for only $120.00 USD.
Email jim@mxdevelopment.com for more information.

06/04/2004 - 123Bill Waives Signup Fees for Established Merchants

123Bill Waives Signup Fees for Established Merchants
June 4, 2004

123Bill is waiving the setup fee for any established merchants with existing businesses. As always, there are no length-of-term stipulations in our contracts, which leaves you with no reason not to add 123Bill as a payment method for your site. With 123Bill, the only risk you take is the risk that you’ll make more money.
How it works -
123Bill verifies customer identity through various credit reporting agencies. Once their information is verified, they receive both an e-invoice and a hardcopy invoice via postal mail, which they can pay by check or money-order. At the same time, the customer receives immediate access to your products or site. 123Bill not only handles all of the details from invoicing to collections, but also assumes all of the risk to deliver guaranteed funds to you.
123Bill uses a driver’s license and social security information to verify customer identity. This qualifies 123Bill as a true age verification service. Unfortunately, this also means that 123Bill is only viable for US customers. However, merchants worldwide are able to use 123Bill to verify and to increase revenue, as this opportunity is available to all merchants.
Having 123Bill as an alternative payment option does not compromise your current operations and affiliate network. Our technology is setup to handle one-time payments, rebills, affiliate reporting, cancellations and more.
How it adds up -
123Bill guarantees all of its merchant clients 65% gross of every sale made through the company. From the moment a credit card processor rejects a sale, that is typically lost money for a merchant. 123Bill assumes all the responsibility and risk of turning that lost sale into cash in your account. Not only do we offer merchants the chance to turn declines into viable sales, but we also attract new customers to your site. We offer the customer an opportunity to purchase online without needing a credit card, or having to worry about creditworthiness. Using 123Bill is certain to increase your revenue and allows you to make accurate economic forecasts for your company as we have guaranteed payment on each sale.
Compared to 900 and dialer solutions, 123Bill offers merchants a much more viable, versatile and profitable alternative billing solution for their US customers. Not only do we provide guaranteed payment, but there are no length-of-term stipulations in any 123Bill contract, so you have no commitment. Since 123Bill is not a “prepaid” solution, merchants are able to seize the day with consumers’ spontaneous buying habits.
We want to demonstrate how well 123Bill will work for you, so we are waiving all of the setup fees for established merchants. You have the opportunity to use 123Bill’s unique and guaranteed services with no cost or long-term obligation. Who doesn’t like a win/win situation?

Link: http://www.123bill.com
Jason Stuve
Marketing Director 123Bill.com
ICQ: 233969317

Brad Mitchell
Owner 123Bill.com
ICQ: 56950199