2000charge Press Releases

Note: The following are press releases that were released from 2000charge over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

01/03/2008 - 2000Charge offers US Direct Pay to adhere to new NACHA ruling

2000Charge, the leading provider of alternative Internet payment solutions, is taking a pro-active approach in assisting merchants to reduce “unauthorized returns” on check transactions.

This is a reaction to the recent announcement by NACHA – The Electronic Payment Associated imposing steep fines onto 3rd party processors and their merchants for unauthorized return charges. In addition, all merchants must adhere to a 1% debit items on a bi-monthly and on a 60 day basis.

US Direct Pay is a perfect solution in combating unauthorized returns on check transaction, as it allows customers to pay for their order with their bank’s website from their own checking or savings account.

Wolf Kring, CEO of 2000Charge remarks that “our timing for introducing this payment mechanism could not be more perfect for high risk merchants looking for a solid alternative billing solution and at the same time not to be charged those hefty return fines now imposed by NACHA.

With US Direct Pay there is NO risk of costly charge backs because each transaction is initiated and carried out by the customer. Most importantly, DirectPay is connected to all major banks and provides a trusted and easy to use solution.

For more detailed information on US Direct Pay as an alternative payment solution, contact 2000Charge today! www.2000Charge.com.

12/04/2007 - 2000Charge and TRANSLATIONSXXX announce marketing relationship

PASADENA, CA -- (BUSINESS WIRE) –2000Charge, Inc., the leading provider of alternative Internet payment solutions, is strengthening its service offerings through a newly formed marketing relationship with www.translationsxxx.com, a website translation services company that targets merchants in the adult industry.

As a provider of global payments solutions, 2000Charge recognizes the need for merchants to have their website pages translated into different languages. Providing surfers worldwide with access to their preferred local payment method in combination with translated websites makes all the sense in the world for our merchants.

Current and new merchants of 2000Charge will have the opportunity to broaden their reach by taking advantage of this cost-effective method to increase sales, as TranslationsXXX will provide further credence to the already effective offering of trust and familiarity through our payment solutions.

To celebrate the event, for a limited time, new merchant sign-ups and current 2000Charge merchants will receive a free translation. For details and to take advantage of the offering, merchants are invited to visit http://www.2000charge.com/translate.php

About 2000Charge

Headquartered in the with offices in Europe and
Asia, 2000Charge (www.2000Charge.com) is a well-established payments processor that offers merchants a complete set of payment solutions tailored to local markets around the world. The Company’s focus remains alternative global Internet payments and providing merchants with easy-to-integrate and hassle-free solutions.

2000Charge has a complete line of payment services that addresses the needs of merchants to accept consumer payments from four continents: North America, South America, Europe, and
Asia. Local customer support is provided in each country in their native language as part of the service offering, as well as settlement in local currencies, including USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, JPY and KRW.

Merchants wanting to increase sales and reduce costs while enabling consumers to pay with trusted brands around the globe can greatly expand payment processing options with 2000Charge. Currently, 2000Charge local solutions are operable in 36 European countries, , , , and the .

About TranslationsXXX

www.translationsXXX.com is a language services company with locations in the and . The company was founded in January 2005 when its President "MO" realized a need in the Adult industry to have a reliable and professional translations service. Since then the
Mission of the company is to provide the highest possible degree of service to the Adult Internet Industry.

For further information, please contact: sales@2000Charge.com

04/23/2007 - 2000Charge Now Offers DirectPay US to All U.S. Bank Holders

PASADENA, Calif. – 2000Charge today announced that its DirectPay US billing option now works with every banking institution in the equipped with an online banking service.

DirectPay US is an e-commerce solution that allows non-credit card users in the states to purchase goods and services online simply and securely. A checking account is all that is required, and each transaction is initiated and carried out by the account holder.

For online merchants, DirectPay US expands the consumer base by the millions. As well, because it is tied directly to consumer’s personal checking accounts, chargeback risk is nearly non-existent.

The popularity of online bill pay has grown dramatically in the over the past decade. Trends suggest that by 2010, 50% of all bills will be paid electronically.

As 2000Charge CEO Wolf Kring explains, DirectPay US expansion to cover all banks should be viewed as a great opportunity for e-commerce merchants.

DirectPay US has been a success since its initial launch. There was only one drawback; it was limited to consumers holding accounts at large, banks. That is no longer an issue. Large banks, small banks, it does not matter. As long as the bank offers online banking services, your customer can purchase your products with DirectPay US. And who doesn’t want to expand their access to the consumer even further?”

Like all 2000Charge products, DirectPay US is tied seamlessly to existing join forms, so implementation is trouble-free.

To learn more about DirectPay US, and every alternative billing option in the 2000Charge library, Email sales@2000charge.com or visit www.2000Charge.com today.

04/07/2007 - 2000Charge Opens Up China with Debit Card Solution

PASADENA, Calif. – 2000Charge today unveiled its new DEBITASIA service, a processing solution that opens up the vast Chinese market to e-commerce professionals worldwide.

DEBITASIA allows Chinese consumers to use any of 30 different local bank cards to purchase products and services online. This is a pin-based processing option, so like ATM card purchases, there’s zero chargeback risk.

Customer enrollment is simple and easy, and local customer support adds peace of mind.

Like every processing option in the 2000Charge system, adding DEBITASIA to existing payment strategies is a seamless, trouble-free affair for webmasters.

One-fifth of the world’s population lives in , and today there are 80 million Internet users in the vast, Asian nation. The introduction of DEBITASIA, 2000Charge CEO Wolf Kring explains, ushers in a new era for online business professionals, one filled with possibilities.

“In , we see the second largest market of Internet users on the planet. In the next five years, it’s expected to eclipse the and become #1. In this e-commerce world, we all call ourselves ‘global companies’ and ‘global solutions.’ Let’s face facts—it’s hard to take a line like that seriously without a viable processing option for a nation made up of 1.3 billion people. With DEBITASIA , now we all have one.”

DEBITASIA has already created quite a stir with existing 2000Charge clients. Some have even begun translating sites into Mandarin to further monetize the new market.

To begin marketing your products and services visit www.2000Charge.com today.

02/12/2007 - 2000Charge Starts New Year with New Site Launch

February 1, 2007

Pasadena, CA, — Alternative Billing company 2000Charge (www.2000Charge.com), today unveiled a completely revamped website filled with upgrades and new features.

The new site contains more full detailed information about the alternate billing services that have made 2000Charge so popular with online businesses around the globe.

“It was simply time for an upgrade,” CEO Wolf Kring explained. “We’ve grown a great deal since first opening our doors. The new site is a more accurate summation of 2000Charge as it is today; it covers our services more succinctly, explains benefits for clients and consumers, and is easier to navigate as well.”

Along with more rigorous details about the optimization of international traffic and and Canadian check processing, the site is fashioned with numerous user-friendly features. Products can now be searched for by name or by the continents they serve, and an online help desk means assistance is just a mouse-click away.

2000Charge is also nominated again for an XBIZ Award for Best Alternative Billing Company, a prize it took home last year.

To learn more about 2000Charge and the myriad processing options available for online merchants visit www.2000Charge.com today!