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Note: The following are press releases that were released from AC Pay over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

10/08/2002 - AC Pay(tm) Announces 14.5% with No VISA Fees for Paysite Processing

AC Pay(tm) Announces 14.5% with No VISA Fees for Paysite Processing

VAN NUYS, CA - October 8, 2002 - In the wake of Webmaster comments following the announcement of new VISA USA regulations, we feel it is important to address why AC Pay is not affected and how AC Pay can help your business succeed under these conditions.

First, due to our worldwide process arrangements and seven years of experience at processing high volumes of transactions, AC Pay does not anticipate that the registration fees required by VISA USA will apply to our Webmaster Clients. In addition, our non U.S. webmasters will not have to set-up a corporate presence in the U.S. as some of our competitors are requiring.

AC Pay has a presence in other regions of the world and processes its VISA transactions through VISA International, which has not adopted the new regulations made by VISA USA. There is a chance that VISA International may adopt these regulations in the future, however VISA International has traditionally had a much better track record of cooperation between itself
and its acquiring banks and merchants.

Our redundant banking relationships spanning the globe combined with the structure of our business mean that AC Pay is much more stable than other processors in the industry. AC Pay not only screens fraudulent transactions more accurately via our Profile Check scoring system, we also get more transactions processed due to our ability to attempt transactions through
multiple banking channels in a fraction of a second.

Second, AC Pay has strong and healthy relationships with VISA and MasterCard due to our professionalism and track record over these seven years in business. These relationships made us aware of the recently announced regulations over six months ago and allowed us to enter the paysite billing marketplace with a quality product and a distinct advantage.

Third, AC Pay values its Clients both large and small. We will keep you apprised of any future regulations that may impact the way we do business together. Further, we will always leverage our weight in the processing industry to make your voices heard and keep unnecessary costs down. We appreciate the fact that any fee impacts your bottom line and would never hide an announcement regarding fees until the last minute in an attempt to back you into a corner.

We understand that the current processing climate can be a stressful one for you and your companies. To help alleviate this stress, we have a qualified and highly intelligent staff that KNOWS YOUR BUSINESS MODEL and will help you through these times.

Currently we are offering a rate of 14.5% (goes down based on volume) to any Webmaster interested in setting up AC Pay as a primary or tertiary processor on their paysites. There are no setup fees, monthly fees or any fees to use our advanced affiliate / reseller program.

We are happy to work one-on-one with you to migrate your business over to AC Pay and our team of trained support staff will come up with a plan specifically tailored to your site(s) and your business.

The entire staff at AC Pay would love the opportunity to earn your trust and your business. Our success is linked and our goals are in sync with yours.

To demo our system, please feel free to login to our demo account below:

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Brad Estes
Director of Business Development
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