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Note: The following are press releases that were released from CAMZ over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

05/22/2006 - Dan Hogue Acquires Majority Interest in CamZ

May 22, 2006 - MELBOURNE, Florida – today announced that Dan Hogue (AKA CamZ_Dan) has bought out former partner Robert Cain, and is now the majority owner of the Net’s biggest live amateur video company. affiliates, performers and free hosting clients can rest easy knowing that we will continue to set the standard for REAL live amateur webcam performances through continued innovation; just as we have done successfully for the past seven years.

“In the coming weeks and months, you will see new enhancements and tools that simplify workflow and increase revenue,” offered Hogue. “And count on faster response times, thanks to the more centralized, streamlined office staff.”

Every adult Internet company declares itself the biggest and best at whatever it does, but one is hard-pressed to challenge’s claim to the throne. The numbers speak for themselves, with content servicing 80,000 members a day across 1,400 websites, and a base of over 9,000 affiliates.

“The fact that our models are true amateurs and genuine exhibitionists separates us from the competition. They don’t just do it for money. They really get off on the exposure, and that pays off for everyone.”

The changes that will occur at follow trends the company has observed over the last couple of years. During that time,’s pay-per-minute products—under the PrivateCamZ label—have flourished and webmaster payouts have exploded, much to the delight of the company and its legions of affiliate partners.

Said Dan, “Moving forward, this will be a bigger focus for us. Our affiliates report unparalleled levels of success, and we know, with a few tweaks and refinements, their profits will ratchet up even higher.”

In addition to PrivateCamZ, the company offers a fleet of popular webmaster products, including AmateurCamZ, which boasts hundreds of live amateur webgirls, and HouseCamZ, a voyeur’s dream which seeds 20 girls’ homes with 24/7 live cams.

Dan and will keep a high profile over the summer, riding the industry show circuit to San Diego’s CyberNet Expo next month, the XBIZ Summer ’06 Forum in Vegas in July, and Hollywood, Florida’s Internext convention in August, among others.

05/25/2003 - Broadcasts InterNext Parties on the Net

"And The Official Live Broadcasters Of The Biggest Parties At Internext Are..."
Dec 28, 2002 -, the small firm from sunny Florida has done it again, they are all set to bring the top parties and events out to the masses via the net. These Live events are being broadcast out to all those unfortunates that are not able to make Vegas, and the best part is - it's free for those that want the feeds! These are the same strange bunch that brought us the wireless rigs including the "Helmet Cam" and the "Dildo Cam" a year ago. With all equipment being completely wireless it's non-intrusive and very versatile. This is one reason these guys are invited to broadcast the biggest and best events of the year!
This year they have a very busy schedule and a lot of content to deliver! Monday: "Girls Of The Internet" Party. A Charity event to help bring awareness to the national hopeline. There will be more information posted on the broadcast page.
Tuesday: XBiZ Award Party - GIGAMIX. This should be a fantastic event, all the CamZ crew are very excited, THEE event not to miss.
Wednesday: The Players Ball - A "behind the scenes" look at this long running, classic. D$ always delivers.
Thursday: "Night Of Adult Stars" again a Charity event, and simulcast with UrgeNetwork and LvRocks.
CamZ, known and loved mostly for their Live Amateur content, have now created a great live broadcasting solution. The simply turn up and broadcast out to over 150,000 members that now have access. "Things have just snowballed since last year" said Dan Hogue in operations. It certainly looks that way, their Live Amateur Plug-In has become a very hot tool in the industry, with clients such as MaxCash, CyberErotica, VirtualService and InsiteAdult all enjoying it. "There is no other content available like ours, members absolutely love it!" continued CamZ Dan.
To get a free trial of the Live Amateur content or to add the Live Vegas Party Feeds simply go to

05/25/2003 - Takes Private Shows To The Next Level

Early last month launched, the very latest edition to the CamZ family of live products. Initially developed as an "add-on" for the extremely popular "Amateur" niche of the live content plug-in from CamZ, it has now surprised everyone by becoming a very formidable standalone webmaster money maker! It has a very unique currency system and what's more, it is entirely built on the new flashcom architecture - the first of it's kind!
Performers should enjoy this system for many reasons. The rate on the private shows are $3.49 for 1-way audio/video or $3.99 for 2-way audio/video and the performer earns 50% of this rate and 25% extra if they are the referrer. That makes regular payouts to performers 75% of $3.99 per minute. This is very good in anybody's book. All shows are archived and will earn performers money forever. The performer also has the ability to use those clips on their own website if wanted. The performer also has the ability to give out "promo chips" to help get people to try the system. Those that try - always buy.
Affiliates will also love this system because it is converting extremely well, the conversion rates after the first month averaged 1:208, hard to beat these days. Affiliates earn 25% on all sales from any member that they send - for life. The real beauty lies in the nature of this product, members regularly spend $100 a week as they return to "direct the action" over and over at that per minute rate. So with conversions rates so good and such a high average monthly sale per client, you can see why affiliates are very happy with what they are earning from this system.
Lets not forget the members, with over 5000 of them signing up in the first month there is obviously a good draw. The "real time" live stream that is viewable seems to really help. Because they can already see the girls that are online and clearly see that the video quality is good, they know what they are getting before they even join. Obviously the thought of the performer watching the buyer is a big turn on for them, and they certainly love the ability to re-watch the archived shows. There are also many features being added each week.
Take a few minutes to take a look, it is already making performers and affiliates lots of money in just over it's first month. Sign up and see what it can do for you.
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01/23/2003 - CamZ Announces $25,000 Giveaway!

The Leaders in Amateur Live Cam Content, CamZ success just keeps snowballing. You may remember them from the Internext as the official broadcasters of the XbiZ / Gigamix Award party as well as 3 other events brought to the web live over the Vegas convention. Well, plans are now being made for an Award party of their own, the "CamZ GirlZ AwardZ" will be held over the August Internext convention in Miami and stands to be a major event.

The Grand prize winner will get $10,000, second place $2,500 and third place $1,000 there will also be many more prizes including Breast Implants! Traffic, Hosting, Geek Gadgets, Vacations, and many others. The "Amateur" niche now includes over 100 of the hottest webgirls, there are NO paid models, all of the performers on this network are REAL webgirls that own and operate their own website, this makes a big difference in show quality.

The winners will be decided by combined methods, viewer polls, Independent webmasters, pier votes, and Industry leaders. This way everyone has a fair chance of being a winner. As if it were not enough that the CamZ network is the number one choice for Amateurs wanting to do camshows for their members, all Webgirls that join the CamZ network before February 15th are
Eligible to be a grand prize winner also.

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