Erotica Cash Press Releases

My name is Steven Blaier.

My nick on the boards kind of varies, because sometimes I register as EC Steve, like on GFY. Other times, I'm Remixer, which goes back to the days when I was a DJ.

I am the owner of CSB Entertainment Group, Inc. I started out pretty much just like you did. One site at a time. I made friends in the early days of 1997. I kept building sites until I had enough to open up an affiliate program, offering webmasters an opportunity to make per sign up money. A few years ago, I realized I needed more than just me to run my company. I retained Raven from Sin-text, who has become my right hand. Last year, as we grew even bigger, Tev came onboard as my left hand and CEO. Raven and Tev brought with them their knowledge of marketing and webmaster skills. Both Raven and Tev convinced me that life without Monique / Afrekete would not be worth living, so our family has grown. Monique / Afrekete has a degree in Marketing and is one hell of a writer.

CSB Entertainment Group, Inc. is the parent corporation for Erotica Cash Webmaster Program, 41 sites and growing, covering many different niches and micro niches. Herbal Bucks is the webmaster program for Penis Pill and Gay Penis Pill, the first site ever to target the gay audience. Reality Sites is brand new, with the launching of Vengified. More are coming, believe me. Evita's Kiss is the first of EC Amateurs. She will have friends soon.

We are very excited about our new version of Erotica Cash. Starting with Version 1 back in the day, our program has evolved into a technological giant, filled with tools for you, the webmaster. It's such a hot program, that, we went from Version 4 in 2001 to this one, which I call Version 6. We just skipped version 5 because you'll see how this one rocks.

We welcome you to our team.

Go forth and make money.


Steven Blaier
And, the CSB Team

Note: The following are press releases that were released from Erotica Cash over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

12/05/2002 - Erotica Cash Parners with

Erotica Cash ( has exciting news. The incredibly successful site, Penis Pill,( has joined the Eroticacash affiliate program. The addition of Penis Pill introduces the first herbal supplement to the Eroticacash stable of high-converting niche sites. Eroticacash webmasters can now make money off of the highest paying penis enlargement program on the internet, with payouts of $35. per sale.

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