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Note: The following are press releases that were released from over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

04/21/2004 - Eroticy Announces Higher Affiliate Payouts

Clearwater, FL - In a bold move, has announced their second affiliate payout increase this year. The new payout structure has propelled Eroticy into being the highest paying program within the adult personals industry. Webmasters may choose from either a pay-per email address program or a pay-per sign up program. On the pay-per email plan, Webmasters earn $3.00 per female, $2.00 per couple and $1.00 per male email address. On the pay-per sign up plan, Webmasters earn up to 80% of the revenue generated on the sale as well as all future renewals. High second tier commissions are also offered to entice those interested in affiliate brokering.
“The response we received after the initial re-launch of our affiliate program has been phenomenal. We were met with some skeptics who thought we could never payout what we promised; however, word of mouth from all of our satisfied affiliates has eliminated the skepticism”, said Michelle Pendenza, Director of Operations at “We are raising the payout amounts again in efforts to become more competitive in the affiliate market”.
Eroticy entered into the affiliate arena only after perfecting the actual end user experience. “We feel that Eroticy is superior to any other adult dating site and over the past year, we have devoted more time to growing the affiliate program. We are enhancing it daily and are confident that we will make Eroticy’s program the best and most lucrative in the industry”, said Pendenza.
Eroticy is known for having a high conversion rate and attributes this to the fact that it is much more than a mere adult dating site. While a user may initially be drawn in because of the prospect of meeting someone, Eroticy distinguishes itself by focusing on all aspects of sexual discovery. If a user does not find true love, they may still become a member because they have used Eroticy to explore their sexuality and want to continue on that journey.
Pendenza contributes the programs initial success to the amount of content offered, a great community of people within Eroticy and excellent customer service. “We treat all our customers and affiliates with the respect we expect to be treated with when we are on the other side of the table. Our affiliate counselors will do whatever they can to help a webmaster make the most of their affiliation with us. They can offer suggestions to drive traffic and even go so far as to have banners made on request”.

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Eroticy, formed in 1998, has over two million members and has proven to be a leader in the online adult personals market. Users are able to register for a three-day full-access free trial without giving out any payment information whatsoever. Eroticy is unique in that it is the only website that has successfully integrated adult personals along with a wealth of content related features which focus on sexual discovery and exploration, such as 1000’s of streaming videos, adult games, sexually informative articles, live cam shows, polls, trivia and much more. The company owns several web properties including,,, and

04/08/2004 - and Join Forces

Clearwater, FL -, the world’s fastest-growing online adult personals community, and, a leader in adult search engine technologies, are pleased to announce the formation of a new partnership that will greatly benefit current clients and future users. The alliance will integrate Booble’s search engine within Eroticy and allow users to locate relevant websites specifically tailored to their interests. In turn, Booble will grant Eroticy top placement as the first recommended adult dating site under the new Personals Tab on the Booble homepage. The technologies are already in place and feedback from users of both sites has been extremely positive.
“In this industry, you always feel as if you are swimming among sharks. It is important to all of us at Eroticy to align ourselves with trustworthy and reputable companies as well as supply our users with any tools we feel they will benefit from,” said Michelle Pendenza, the Director of Operations at “Through much trial and error, we feel fortunate with our current alliances and have every reason to believe that we will have the same success with Booble. It is our aim to provide the best means for our members to explore their sexuality and we feel confident that our partnership with Booble will assist us in reaching that goal.”
Bob Smart, the creator of Booble, agrees wholeheartedly, “Partnerships with innovative and reputable companies like Eroticy are the only way to get established in this confusing, cluttered market; where so many sites are making competing claims, but few actually deliver on what was promised. We believe in Eroticy and are excited to be able to direct our users to them. Their impressive growth is do to the unique combination of adult personals, compelling content and an active community. We can only hope that some of these qualities rub off on us.”
Booble was designed to make searching for adult content on the Internet easier, faster and more directed. The site averages about 500,000 unique visitors daily and is completely free to use.
Formed in 1998, Eroticy has over two million members and has proven to be a leader in the online adult personal market. Users are able to register for a free full-access three-day trial without the hassle of giving out any payment information whatsoever. Eroticy is unique in that it is the only website that has successfully integrated adult personals and content. With a wealth of features such as thousand’s of streaming videos, games, articles, live cam shows, trivia, polls and much more, Eroticy has set a new standard that all other adult sites can aspire to. The company owns several web properties including:,,, and, and, a parody of the world's most popular search service, was launched in January, 2004, to provide entertainment along with an easier, safer and more fun way to search for adult content on the Internet. Booble has quickly become one of the web's most popular destinations, with over 500,000 unique visitors daily.

02/25/2004 - Now Pays up to $80 per Signup and $1 per Lead

Re-launch offers Double Payouts and 100’s Of New Banners
Clearwater, FL (, Inc.) -, the world’s fastest-growing online adult personals community, today announced the re-launch of its Webmaster Affiliate Program. The new payout structure offering up to $80 per signup and $1 per lead provides’s affiliate partners with the most lucrative program in the adult dating affiliate market. The program’s re-launch also includes a broader offering of free content, integrated personals, a new interface, improved reporting, and hundreds of new targeted niche banner ads that will increase traffic and accelerate conversions for webmasters.
“This is an exciting time for us. We’ve listened to our webmasters and have crafted a more complete and competitive affiliate program.”, said Michelle Pendenza, Director of Operations for “We doubled our payouts and added niche banners for targeting specific traffic. We also expanded our banner size options to include skyscrapers, full-page ads, non-traditional sizes and everything in between.” continues to offer a free, three-day trial without requiring a credit card or outside verification service to sign-up., Inc. is a profitable, self-funded and privately held company. The company operates several Web properties including:,,,, and
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