GammaXtreme Press Releases

For nearly 5 years Gamma Entertainment has been managing award-winning websites for the adult entertainment industry. By constantly providing new products and programs using the latest available technology, Gamma Entertainment has become a well-recognized internet company among those of its kind.

Note: The following are press releases that were released from GammaXtreme over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

04/01/2002 - GammaXtreme Releases 4 new Xtreme Sites!

April 1, 2002 - Montreal, Canada. GammaXtreme released today 4 new Xtreme sites. Same Great Pay Out Rate, amazing Conversion ratios!
Covering the Mature Niche, offers grannies who have been seasoned by the passing years. This site will rock every fan’s boat! is not just another teen site, surfers won't want to miss out these little devils fooling around in their bedroom, playing with toys, trying new lesbian experiences or just getting fucked real good for their first time. Hummmm... sweet virgin pussies... Your surfers want boobs, we’ve got boobs!!! They will come right in and imagine themselves sliding their cock between two humongous tits . We also launched . Targeting the twink market, fresh faces, sweet mouths, the models are bursting with endless energy and enthusiasm.
Be sure to upload your banners and get ready to make money.
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03/17/2002 - Gamma Xtreme Payout Day! !

Montreal, Canada - To celebrate the extreme success of the launch of their new program, Gamma Entertainment invites you to participate in GammaXtreme Payout Day!
Friday, March 22nd, 2002 will be the Xtreme Payout Date, and you will earn $75 per signup!
Promote any of the first four GammaXtreme sites including Assbreakers, Jizzcatchers, Kinky Lesbos, or Sweet Black. Since the initial launch of GammaXtreme, all four of these sites are converting Xtremely well!

Gamma Entertainment and their account management team have invaluable experience and they know how to help you turn your traffic into hard currency. Take control of your traffic's potential today!

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03/01/2002 - Gamma Entertainment launches Gamma Xtreme!

Montreal, Canada - Veteran Internet company Gamma Entertainment brings you the biggest news since their 1996 inception of GammaCash. Their new sponsorship program GAMMA EXTREME (

Gamma President, Karl Bernard: "The bottom line for webmasters is always make the most money possible." "This attitude is what the market wants.... solid programs that payout $35 for every signup, and that is exactly what we are doing... paying out more."

The new program launches with four very solid niche sites, with many more on the way. The first four include Assbreakers (an anal site), Jizzcatchers (cumshot site), Kinky Lesbos (young lesbians), and Sweet Black (softcore Ebony). As always, the design of these new sites are beyond reproach. Gamma's in-house design team has raised the bar once again. Furthermore, webmasters will find all new marketing tools and material to promote the new program, from free content to a "pic of the hour".

Join Gamma Xtreme NOW and take advantage of our $75 per signup day on the 22nd of March, 2002! Rake in the CASH!

It's NEW... It's Xtreme! GammaXtreme! For more information, visit or write to