Global Exchange Billing Press Releases

Note: The following are press releases that were released from Global Exchange Billing over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

06/24/2007 - GXBill Increases Commission Rate for Referral Program

Baltimore, Maryland - Leading alternate billing company Global Exchange Billing (GXBill) announced an increase in commission rate for their referral program, which will increase resellers ISO commission a total of ten percent (10%) overall. This new rate will be in effect as of July 1, 2007.

This is great news for Merchants that are interested in giving further value to their online business by offering a variety of GEO targeted alternative billing solutions to their global customer base.

GXBill Merchants are urged to refer potential webmasters to process with GXBill, so they can start earning 10% commissions of their referred webmasters revenue for life.

Sam Anson, Director of Business Development at GXBill adds “We are happy to give the most we can to our Merchants to in turn help them give the greatest options back to their customers. Furthermore, we have some exciting new products in development which will help our Merchants make even more money from their global audience."

Founded in 2002, GXBill counts some of the largest digital content distributors on the Internet as loyal and satisfied customers. GXBill is fully integrated with the major affiliate software programs, including NATS, MPA3, Partnersoft & Riverstyx, so affiliates can be credited for all sales processed through GXBill.

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05/18/2007 - GXBill Celebrates Five-Year Anniversary

Global Exchange Billing (GXBill) is celebrating its five-year anniversary this month.

Sam Anson, Director of Business Development of GXBill, is thrilled to be able to toast five years of success.

“It’s a remarkable feat for any billing company to withstand the test of time these days, especially in the alternate billing space. We haven’t missed a payment in five years, and we’ve marked consistent and solid growth throughout. It’s something we can all take stock of, and look upon with pride.”

Anson attributes the positive growth and sterling reputation to a focus on creating a rock-solid infrastructure, a commitment to longevity, and the continual development of a robust portfolio of products.

Still, he was quick to point out that the company isn’t about to rest on its laurels. GXBill continues to extend its reach, processing in more and more nations.

Due to substantive growth in both personnel and network centers worldwide, the global network is now more resilient than ever.

Said Anson, “Being a U.S.-based business, with operating headquarters in
Baltimore, demonstrates our commitment to staying in the business for a long time. We’re not hiding in some exotic offshore location you cant pronounce.”

Founded in 2002, GXBill provides solutions for webmasters to convert surfers who wish to "pay by phone" in more than 200 countries throughout the world. GXBill is a one-stop shop for telephone billing, utilizing browser detection tools and GEO location scripts to serve up a variety of local telephone billing methods to the end users throughout the globe. GXBill is fully integrated with the major affiliate software programs, including NATS, MPA3, Partnersoft and Riverstyx.

In the weeks and months ahead, GXBill will be unveiling numerous products and features for new and existing e-commerce merchants.

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