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IAWS Network (www.iawsnetwork.com) a multilingual leader in the adult industry.

Note: The following are press releases that were released from IAWS Network over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

08/26/2002 - Fresh Faces at 3xcontent - Launch of the interactive hostess member section!!

Fresh Faces at 3xcontent - Launch of the interactive hostess member section!!

Laval, QC, August 26, 2002 - IAWS Network (www.iawsnetwork.com) a multilingual leader in the adult industry gives birth to an exclusive interactive hostess members section.

The exclusive software developed by Divertissements Cyber2000 Inc. allows members of its paysites to select one of the four girls available to be their hostess throughout the members section of the site. Meticulous personal details of the amateur hostess personas are available to the members, such as birthplace, height, weight etc. The users can even read a personal biography, written for each girl.

The proverbial “cherry” of this system is the interactive message center. In the message center members can correspond back and forth through internal emails with the hostess. If the member befriends the hostess she can reward him with secret passwords, private photos, and more. “These girls have addictive personalities, and are sure to hook the members into daily visits.” suggests Pascal Cardinal, IAWS Network Project Manager and head of Integration and Design. “The members are getting real emails typed by humans, no computer-automated responses!”.

Accompanying the hostess system is a bountiful selection of constantly expanding quality content, including an Advanced Photo Search tool that allows users to enter specific details about the type of image they want to see, right down to hair color and weight. Live shows, erotic stories, videos and many other tantalizing services await the lucky paysite members of all 4 of the languages offered by the IAWS Network.

It’s hard to say who will benefit most from this innovative concept, the members or the partners promoting it. “One thing is certain, this new system will make the retention rate skyrocket.” confirms Valerie Latulipe, IAWS Network French Traffic Manager. “So many of the French webmasters who promoted mainly dialers were headed for certain death with the disappearance of the T-60. This will new system will be like a lifesaver for them.”

With the French adult market growing and North American webmasters looking elsewhere for business opportunities, this multi-lingual solution is guaranteed to please the 4bigcash partners internationally.

For more information on the IAWS (International Adult Webmaster Services) Network or the hostess service please email afelli@4bigcash.com or visit www.iawsnetwork.com

Contact: Cathedra ~ Andrea Felli
Marketing Manager
Divertissements Cyber2000