iWorld Filter Press Releases

The iWorldFilter is an International Traffic Converter, which means that it identifies either the geographic location of the visitor (IP detection) or his language and proposes a paysite in his language to him. This is how your current International traffic is converted and optimized. The iWorldFilter is a free script that is placed in the front page of your site and remains dormant unless a visitor from a country you have selected to be filtered arrives on your page. The entire system is customizable, check out the Information section to find out more

Note: The following are press releases that were released from iWorld Filter over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

10/26/2003 - iWorldFilter brings EGroup's billing solutions aboard

Laval, QC, May 26th 2003 - Cyber2000 Entertainment Group, operator of the iWORLDFILTER (http:///www.iworldfilter.com), leader in international traffic optimization which offers paysites in 12 languages, has recently added the high quality billing solutions of Electronic Group to their multi-lingual products. These state of the art international billing solutions include dialers for over 230 countries worldwide and their phone2enter solution program.

iWorldfilter is a new generation of international traffic conversion where you simply add an html code to your website to increase sales from your international traffic without affecting your current sales. The solution was created for high traffic websites like actual US sponsors who are currently loosing money because they can't convert international multi-lingual traffic into sales.

EGroup, a trusted billing solutions provider, was chosen because of their technical capabilities as well as their international roots. Their network, supported by over 18 technical platforms worldwide, has the backup capabilities to support the billing needs of the Cyber2000 network of websites.

The Phone2Enter system according to EGroup’s corporate website, “provides a billing solution to all your visitors who are connected to the web through ADSL lines, cable, specific consoles, LAN, Web TV, etc.”
These new changes to the billing solutions providers used by the iWorldFilter are the perfect compliment to add event more options to their already blossoming multi-lingual sites and services.

To take advantage of the International stream of revenue and experience the Cyber2000 team hold, visit http://www.iworldfilter.com or email us at info@iworldfilter.com


Laval, QC, June 23, 2002 - Cyber2000 Entertainment (http://www.cyber2000.ca) a leader in the multi-lingual online adult industry has undergone a recent expansion and added a separate division for iWorldFilter - the international traffic converter. To continue the growth process and develop the market, Henrik Perreault has been brought aboard. Henrik brings 4 years of experience in internet marketing to iWorldFilter, and will be a welcome addition to the already blossoming international traffic converter program.

Due to the overwhelming growth of the iWorldFilter program in the American market, the torch was passed from Cathedra to Henrik, allowing her to concentrate her efforts on the continual development of projects in the multi-lingual markets. Among the endeavors, partnership programs in French FaitduFric.com, Spanish SexoDinero.com and German KohleFabrik.com with sites and services for the international webmasters.

Contact Henrik about opportunities with the iWorldFilter international traffic converter at henrik@cyber2000.ca, or Cathedra about opportunities in foreign language markets at afelli@cyber2000.ca