Lightspeed Press Releases

There is a place where all the business plans, marketing strategies, and economic realities of preserving an adult Internet company come together, and - to borrow a line from Norman Maclean - "Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it." While the joys of fly-fishing in Big Sky country do not altogether correlate with producing content and developing brand loyalty for adult-themed Web entertainment, in the case of Steve Jones, founder and president of Lightspeed Media, it is not a river that runs through all of his ambition and hard work, but rather a continuous stream of fun. It might be an old story: See Jack frustrated with career. See Jack lend his talents to adult Internet. See Jack become wildly successful by utilizing sharp marketing techniques, stylish product, and really sexy girls. But Jones did just that. Leaving behind the rain and Starbucks coffee of Seattle, he moved to sunny Phoenix, Ariz. to begin anew.

Note: The following are press releases that were released from Lightspeed over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

10/11/2006 - Lightspeed Media Adds Team Member

Scottsdale, Arizona. — Lightspeed Media is pleased to announce the addition of Jennabea Sturman, aka "Zoe", to its team as Creative Director.

Zoe started in the adult industry in 2002, and has worked for top industry names like CamZ, Triplexcash, and Solarcash. According to Lightspeed Media’s owner Steve Lightspeed, "Her experience, energy, and creativity make her an ideal fit at Lightspeedcash." Zoe will be responsible for quality control, content management, and overseeing the creative direction of the company.

"Im very excited to be part of the Lightspeed Team," Zoe said. "I feel this is a huge jump for me and I look forward to working with Steve, Shannon, and their amazing crew."

02/28/2003 - The Lightspeed 500 "Race to the Bank" is back for 2003!

Starting March 1st, all Lightspeedcash affiliates that send 500 signups will get 100% of all signups, for a full 30 days! Affiliates have between March 1st and December 31st to send 500 hundred signups. After receiving the usual 60% for those 500 signups, you'll receive 100% for all of the signups you bring within the next 30 days.

Last year, the "Race to the Bank" was a huge hit with affiliates. Official rules can be seen at

Lightspeedcash is also sponsoring this year's Phoenix Forum. Sign up for the Paintball War today!

To sign up for Lightspeedcash and take advantage of this year's Race to the Bank, visit

12/12/2002 - Lightspeedcash launches two more great sites!!

December 12, 2002 - Aiming to please the requests of affiliates, Lightspeedcash has just launched their first twink site,, along with another Internet superstar, Jenna from was designed from all aspects with the audience in mind. During the creation of the site, connoisseurs of adult twink sites were consulted to ensure a great converting, great retaining site. So far the results have been spectacular. The site is quick loading and jam packed full of content. To ensure great retention, most of the content is exclusively shot by Lightspeed themselves, and updates occur on a regular basis.

Visit the site at:

Sure to be as huge of a hit as Tawnee, Jenna has recently joined the Lightspeed team and is welcomed with open arms. A spunky 21-year-old brunette, standing 6 feet tall, Jenna is sure to knock any guy off his feet. At, members have access to hundreds of high quality photos, streaming videos, daily diary entries, and 2 live shows every week. The live shows last a full hour and include sound and live chat. Jenna is more hardcore than some of the other Lightspeed girls and is sure to attract all audiences.

To check out the sweet and slender Jenna, visit

To check out Lightspeed's other sites, visit