NationalNet Press Releases

NatNetDRM is the newest product from NationalNet. NationalNet is the Internet's premier web hosting company, delivering unparalleled customer service in a fully managed hosting environment. NationalNet customers range from small start up companies to large, complicated networks requiring sophisticated support not available from most hosting companies. NationalNet is proud to offer NatNetDRM to its customers as an additional service allowing NationalNet to continue to set the standard in customer oriented web hosting.

Note: The following are press releases that were released from NationalNet over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

03/31/2004 - NationalNet Launches DRM

Atlanta, GA - NationalNet, Inc. the premier adult web hosting company, announced today that it has launched its cutting-edge Digital Rights Management (DRM) services to the adult marketplace. Last summer, NationalNet partnered with ObjectCube to develop an exclusive DRM solution for adult web hosting customers.
ObjectCube’s proprietary DRM solution is offered only through NationalNet. The NatNetDRM system provides unparalleled content security, which enables only those who have purchased the video or audio to have access to see and/or hear it. Moreover, NatNetDRM also provides unlimited marketing possibilities through creative licensing rules, which can pop dynamic advertising windows, produce single or double opt-in email collection pages, plus many more applications all of which are fully customizable to the look and feel of your site.
NationalNet is taking the NatNetDRM service and combining it with fully qualified 24/7/365 on-site technical support to be the first company to offer an enterprise level DRM solution. NatNetDRM sets the standard for content protection just as NationalNet has also set the standard for web hosting solutions.
“NatNetDRM reflects our dedication to unsurpassed customer service by empowering our customers to protect and market their most valuable asset: their content. We are proud of the partnership between ObjectCube and NationalNet and are excited to bring this new product to the public and our customers.” said National Net Chief Executive Officer Tony Morgan.
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