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Adult Biz 101 is an educational program created by a highly successful Adult Webmaster who has been in the online adult industry since 1997. With many years of experience owning link lists, pay sites, adult content production and other adult ventures, Adult Biz 101 is the culmination of all those years of knowledge brought together in one, easy to learn program

Note: The following are press releases that were released from Tatu over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

07/12/2002 - Tatu is pleased to announce the release of a new and innovative affiliate program, AdultBiz101.com

Tatu is pleased to announce the release of a new and innovative affiliate program, AdultBiz101.com

AdultBiz101.com is an online education program that teaches its members how to build a profitable online Adult business creating and designing adult websites. For a one-time membership fee, AdultBiz101.com members are provided with all the information and resources they need to get started and succeed in the online adult industry. The type of information provided by AdultBiz101.com could take years for an individual to learn and discover on his/her own. AdultBiz101.com provides its members with the necessary tools, like templates to design 3 types of sites (free sites, TGP2 & AVS), to create a non-stop income stream in less than 30 days.

AdultBiz101.com is not to be confused with existing Webmaster resource sites,” said Jack Skorochod, a.ka. Horny Devil, owner of Tatu. “People who wish to pursue a career in the online adult industry actively seek such
resource sites out. On the flipside though, there are no programs that actively seek out people to bring them into the online adult industry. AdultBiz101.com IS that program. Everyone has the American Dream of being
independently wealthy, which is why AdultBiz101.com is perfect for ANY kind of surfer traffic. Personal and financial success have such a wide appeal that traffic will convert from any type of site.”

It is this philosophy that makes AdultBiz101.com truly unique. AdultBiz101.com is the FIRST affiliate program that is designed to actively recruit and create adult webmasters. Affiliates will earn $35.00 per signup on what is clearly a one-of-a-kind affiliate program. For more information, or to sign up for an AdultBiz101.com affiliate account, visit the AdultBiz101.com web site.

For information: http://www.adultbiz101.com
Contact: jack@adultbiz101.com