Teencore Studio Press Releases

Teen Content.

Note: The following are press releases that were released from Teencore Studio over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

04/17/2003 - TeenCore Studio Content Store Launches Radically Redesigned Website

April 17, 2003 - TeenCore Studio (http://www.teencorestudio.com), the leading provider for online teen content, today announced the re-launch of its adult web store. The company started web operations in 1999 and has a lot of customers all around the world. However this provider recently couldn't compete successfully under a new pricing model and conditions of
modern market. There are no new releases made last months because the alternative development program was announced and the owner of TeenCore Studio had sought for investments. The new investors are known as DieselCash and BrothersInCash partnership programs invested some money into TeenCore Studio and it let the Company to buy a new up-to-date photographic and videographic equipment, hire new staff, models, shoot a huge batch of new content. Also TeenCore Studio radically changed its online Content Store design and added some new innovative features.

First of all, the current market situation and its legal environment were analyzed and the Company starts to offer variety types of licenses. Webmasters can choose between Standard License (party free distribution is allowed), Limited License (paysite member's area distribution only), Semi-Exclusive License (limited quantity of licensees) and Exclusive License will be available soon.

The payment system was changed as well. TeenCore Studio decided to do not process online orders via own merchant account and websitebilling.com back up processor. These time it processes cards via MultiCards (http://www.multicards.com), old-fashioned Dutch online billing (since 1996). It lets TeenCore Studio Content Store accept eight types of credit cards, not just Visa and MC, but JCB, Eurocards, Novus, Carte Blanche, Discover and Diners Club too. Also they start to accept US checks, paypal, wire transfers and have been contacted by Epassporte (https://www.epassporte.com/) about possibility to accept Epassporte payments soon.

Official volume and payment discounts is possible now.

The new content script allows serving products of other independent photographers and TeenCore Studio plans to start brokering operations based on this platform at the end of this year.

Other great news. TeenCore Studio started to shoot not just teen models. They are shooting amateurs, realty, interracial and fetish content now.

Old video content was re-mastered and image sets was re-accomplished somewhere.

Also all previous content was discounted up to 70%. As for the newest and freshest content the first will be added image sets this week and the second will be videos next week. According to Paul Lisinski, owner and general manager of TeenCore Studio (main website http://www.teencorestudio.com), "…we are going to come back as the leader of teen content providing and start to cover other niches as well"