Webair Press Releases

Founded in 1996, Webair.com was created by webmasters for webmasters to provide a viable, affordable, Managed Webhosting solution for companies of all types and sizes. We supply all of the servers, software, bandwidth and management tools needed to run almost any web hosted application - from Internet to enterprise server solutions. At Webair, we are committed to excellence. We realize the level of service and support it takes to keep our existing clients happy, and new clients amazed.

Note: The following are press releases that were released from Webair over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

06/16/2008 - Webair Unveils New Custom Virtual Hosting Platform VSYS

NEW YORK, NY – Since 1996 WEBAIR has been committed to offering the best possible web hosting hosting services available. In the always changing online marketplace, the needs of clients evolve quickly and transitions take place. Now, after more than a decade in the Hosting business, Webair is proud to unveil it’s greatest and most flexible hosting option ever, the VSYS virtual hosting system!

Over the years Webair has assisted many clients in growing their businesses from small start-ups into industry leading brand names. That experience has made it clear that Hosting systems need to be scalable if it they are intended to best serve its customers. The WEBAIR VSYS® virtual hosting system is the perfect platform to handle continuous growth because it allows you to seamlessly add storage, bandwidth, additional IP addresses and other elements of capacity to your site as you succeed in surpassing the many milestones of online success.

“The new VSYS® hosting platform offers unparalleled security and reliability in a shared hosting environment. A traditional host will share resources between all of the users making it increasingly difficult to properly secure. This is especially true considering the fast paced evolution of web hosting software and technologies we work with today. Our technology takes a slightly different approach by assigning each virtual hosting client their own apache instance. All apache applications and modules natively run as this distinct user, eliminating the need for complicated security and per-user or per-site configuration mechanisms.” said Michael Christopher, President & COO of Webair. “While some hosting companies struggle to keep up with the demanding challenges and changing technologies of virtual webhosting environments, Webair embraces them and our pioneering new VSYS® virtual hosting technology platform proves it.”

Your virtual account with Webair can be easily upgraded to make use of dedicated servers, load balanced clusters and even CDN hosting with little or no downtime. That gives you the flexibility to start with an inexpensive virtual hosting account and expand as you grow to thousands of servers while retaining the same control panel, login/passwords, web site paths, software versions, and even the same IP address!

Whether you are a certified IT expert needing detailed system specs or a novice webmaster with questions, Webair can accommodate your needs. Visit www.webair.com so that a representative can take the time to demonstrate what VSYS can do for you and your business. After all, being a great Host is what they do best.

Also, make sure you visit http://www.webair.com/virtual-hosting-plans.htm to get more information on the Webair virtual hosting plans, which start at just $5.95!

11/26/2007 - Webair Expands Market Share into Canada with Purchase of Web Host Wisol

New York City, NY- Online hosting vanguard Webair (www.webair.com) announced that they purchased Montreal based online hosting company Wisol.com, thereby expanding the company’s web hosting operations into and creating an International presence.

With the Wisol purchase, Webair expands its global footprint to
Montreal, offering colo/dedicated/complex hosting services in their newest facility. The Wisol acquisition facilitates better routes to Webair’s global customers, increased peering, redundancy, along with additional sites for global mirroring/load balancing and backups.

“It’s all about better service and providing the latest technological solutions for our growing roster of worldwide customers,” said Michael Christopher, president and founder of Webair.com. “It’s an exciting time at Webair, acquiring Wisol provides our company with increased market share and our clients with the best hosting services anywhere on the globe. With more locations comes increased reliability and advanced connectivity options. Along with the Montreal acquisition, we are expanding our footprints in both New York &
Amsterdam as well.”

“Michael and the team at Webair are a real class act,” said Mike M., former chief executive officer at Wisol. “I am proud Wisol has become part of such a dynamic company.”

The Webair acquisition comes on the heels of a successful appearance at Ad Tech

(ad-tech.com) the interactive advertising and technology conference held recently in
New York City. At ad tech, Webair generated increased market presence with their eye catching exhibit and afforded the opportunity for face-to-face time with new and existing clients.

Webair is constantly looking for ways to expand and improve their existing systems to exceed the expectations of their customers. Just recently they invested in an enterprise class server solution - offering new virtual, virtual dedicated, and VPS solutions. To learn more about the myriad of hosting services that Webair has to offer, contact them at www.webair.com. or email sales@webair.com.

06/14/2007 - Webair.com Special - Domain Registration and Transfers Reduced to $5.99

ICANN-accredited Webair (www.Webair.com) today announced that fees for domain registration and transfers have dropped to a low price of $5.99.

The new price point places Webair among the most affordable registration and hosting services in the world, well below rates offered by GoDaddy.com. (Limited time offer)

In addition to the convenient, cost-effective service, Webair.com offers robust hosting plans for companies and budgets of any size.

Their virtual, dedicated, collocated, and complex hosting solutions offer flexibility, support and reliability.

Another guarantee, Webair’s Meet or Beat Hosting Guarantee, has kept clients in good stead for more than a decade. Under its terms, Webair.com promises to meet or beat any comparable hosting offer or competitor special GUARANTEED.

As Webair CEO Michael Christopher explains, the company has been bullish on providing high-quality, affordable products and services since the beginning.

“The Internet is filled with companies large and small—from multinational conglomerates to small e-commerce storefronts. At Webair, we have a portfolio of integrated services that can work for anyone at any budget. We’re always extremely pleased to pass along savings to our clients. Now domain registration is more affordable than ever, and we couldn’t be happier with the success of this promotion”

Webair has built its network into some of the largest network access points in the world allowing them to interconnect with all major networks providing decreased latency and added redundancy to their clients.

They connect to multiple backbone providers for transit connectivity and most of their carriers are connected at more than 1 physical location, using multiple 10Gbps Ethernet links with over 80 GIG totally capacity and growing.

That coupled with datacenter locations in
Amsterdam and NYC make webair the ultimate choice for your unique web hosting solution.

Webair’s virtual plans start off at $4.95 per-month, while dedicated plans start at $99.

To purchase domain names at super-low prices, and find the ideal hosting solution for your e-business, visit www.Webair.com today or email them at info@webair.com.

02/06/2007 - Webair Now Offers MPA3 Pre-Installed Server Bundles

January 30th 2007 NYC – Webair (www.Webair.com), the industry’s hosting service of choice, today announced it has inked a partnership deal with Mansion Productions. As a result, the 10-year-old company is now offering dedicated servers pre-installed with award-winning MPA3 affiliate program software.

To celebrate this milestone, Webair has begun offering the MPA3-bundled servers at a drastically reduced price, one that matches the cost of MPA3 software purchased separately, saving customers over $800.

Webmasters who take advantage of this offer now will receive their first month of hosting free. The $2,500 startup fee covers MPA3-installed Pentium 4, 3.0 GHz boxes with 2048 MB ECC RAM and 2 x 120 GB SATA storage.

After the first month free, hosting costs run a competitive $299 for 10 Mbps transfer per month. The price tag starts with $300 for MPA3 monthly.

Live every hosting package in Webair’s multi-homed, Tier 1 network, the MPA3-bundled servers have numerous valuable complements, including unlimited access to live support 24/7/365, full server monitoring, a web-based control panel and more.

Webair CEO Michael Christopher calls this new alliance the perfect kind of synergy. “We see upside everywhere on this one. So many of our clients use MPA3 already, or are seeking to stream lining the process just made sense. Plus, from Webair’s perspective, the partnership with Mansion aligns perfectly with our ongoing commitment to providing an efficient, one-stop experience for every client.”

Webair’s turnkey approach to web hosting is evident with a cursory glance at their integrated catalog of products and service. The company even earned ICANN accreditation in 2006, making it a top-level domain registrar as well.

Said Mansion CEO Oystein Wright, “We have to be very selective about the partnerships we enter into, and only align ourselves with industry leaders who excel in their fields and boast spotless reputations. Michael Christopher and the whole team at Webair are the best of the best, and we’re proud to count them as colleagues and partners.”

To learn more about the new, MPA3-bundled servers and every other hosting package in the Webair arsenal, visit www.Webair.com today!

12/30/2006 - Webair Celebrates Ten Years of Web Hosting

LOS ANGELES, CA – For the past ten years, Webair (www.webair.com), has been the adult industry’s hosting service of choice. To celebrate that milestone, the company today officially unveiled its new website, replete with a fresh, proprietary control panel and more webmaster services.

The company wishes to thank colleagues and clients, as well. For the entire month of January, Webair is slashing 50% off the price of its shared hosting packages. The unprecedented discount applies to the first six months of each hosting contract, and requires a minimum 12-month commitment. In addition for the month of January and February, Webair is giving away 6 months of free hosting on any new virtual yearly accounts.

Webair has a sparkling reputation around the globe and guarantees a 99.999% network uptime.

Earlier this year, the award-winning company received ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) accreditation, which makes them an official top-domain registrar, and gives them authorization to provide a full range of domain name services.

In conjunction with the new site and control panel release, Webair offers new plans and pricing for both collocation and virtual plan services.

Webair is the real deal, a comprehensive and convenient one-stop for webmasters looking for just about anything. They offer e-commerce solutions and shopping cart programs, a fleet of valuable SEO services, multiple unique Class C IP’s, custom-suited dedicated/managed accounts, secure servers, unrestricted bandwidth, multiple/private name servers, transit-free tier one connectivity and of course, everything is backed by 24/7/365 managed support.

Offered Webair CEO Michael Christopher, “The new Webair control panel, branded EZPanel, centralizes everything for webmasters. They can manage a limitless number of domains and hosting accounts. Every service offered by Webair can be administered and monitored nimbly from the control panel.”

Alongside advances in speed and efficiency, the new control panel boasts SiteReptile and ObjectCube DRM integration. It manages service notification, supports the setup of customized monitors, adeptly manages DNS servers, and allows for unified server management across all data centers from a single location.

To learn more about Webair’s new site and EZPanel, visit www.Webair.com today!

10/03/2006 - Webair Celebrates ICANN Accreditation with Website Launch

Webair (www.webair.com), the industry’s hosting service of choice since 1996, has received accreditation from ICANN. To celebrate this achievement, and toast a decade of success, the company will unveil a new, full-featured website next month.

With ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) accreditation, the hosting company is now an official top-domain registrar, and authorized to provide a full range of domain name services. Accreditation, alongside a cadre of existing services, makes Webair a true one-stop with the ability to meet the hosting needs of any and every online business.

Offered Webair CEO Michael Christopher, "This is a huge step for our company. We host hundreds of thousands domains, and have been working toward ICANN accreditation for some time now. It was a logical decision that will save existing clients a lot of money in the long run, and will offer added incentive for potential clients as well.”

Surfers will even be able to register top-level domains for an unheard-of $5.99 or less.

Registration setup will be co-hosted in both New York and

The new website will feature the new version of the critically acclaimed Webair Control Panel. The proprietary interface will be branded EZPanel, and support a ton of newly-added features.

“The software we are integrating into this second version of the Webair Control Panel allows webmasters to manage domains, hosting accounts, virtually everything associated with the webmaster services we offer, from one convenient location," said Christopher.

The new EZPanel can even be co-branded and resold by Webair clients to new clients.

Among other advances, the new control panel boasts SiteReptile and ObjectCube DRM integration. It manages service notification, supports the setup of customized monitors, adeptly manages DNS servers, and allows for unified server management across all data centers from a single location.

For more information on Webair’s ICANN accreditation, the upcoming website or the company’s exceptional line of products and services, visit www. Webair.com today.

02/24/2006 - ANYwebcam Migrates Servers to Webair Hosting

Webair (www.WebAir.com), the industry’s hosting service of choice for the past ten years, today announced the addition of ANYwebcam.com to its portfolio of clients.

ANYwebcam is an online video and audio chat community that connects more than 2.5 million people around the world in real time.

David Thompson, CEO of ANYwebcam.com is already singing Webair’s praises. “We are very happy to have moved our servers over to Webair. Their dedicated professionals really made the transition smooth and painless.”

This announcement comes on the heels of Webair’s recent European expansion. During the last quarter of 2005, the company created a new network in Amsterdam. The move has garnered a great deal of attention in the online business community, particularly in those companies with marketing strategies targeting European traffic.

Webair President, Michael Christopher is happy to count ANYwebcam as a new client. "ANYwebcam is a global company with millions of users and enormous bandwidth and security demands. In short, they are the ideal Webair client. David and his team have been a pleasure to work with throughout. The services they provide will be a great solution for some of our existing clients as well. We are very excited to have them on board."

To learn more about Webair’s managed hosting solutions, visit www.webair.com.

For more information on ANYwebcam.com email Kevin@anywebcam.com.

12/15/2005 - Webair Builds New Network in Amsterdam

Webair, whose secure and affordable hosting options have kept webmasters in good stead since 1996, now has a network in Amsterdam.

This latest development will be of particular interest to businesses with marketing strategies targeting European traffic. The new Webair network reduces latency to nearly zero, a far cry from the 80ms of latency needed to get from Europe to any site hosted in North America.

The new network utilizes fully-redundant Cisco and Juniper routing equipment; it connects to multiple upstream providers and supports peering as well. Webair also owns transport between its Amsterdam network and its North American network. This way, traffic connecting with servers at both locations stays on Webairs network, maintaining the highest performance and route optimization.

Now with a presence in both Europe and North America, Webair is an attractive offshore backup option for companies located on either continent. Their backup technology, which utilizes Webair’s international network, ensures offshore backups are completed quickly and reliably.

President, Michael Christopher is pleased with the companys expansion: "From the beginning, Webair was created by webmasters for webmasters. By offering connectivity and hosting services in Amsterdam, we give our clients the ability to succeed in a global economy."

Thanks to an exclusive partnership with one of the top hardware suppliers in the Netherlands, new servers can be built quickly, and most often with same-day turnaround time. The technical staff is on-site 24/7, and consists entirely of experienced professionals who have been trained to maintain the high level of service and support that has always been applauded by Webair’s client base.

The Amsterdam network can accommodate Virtual Hosting as well. It’s the best of both worlds. Clients enjoy the long-standing benefits of Webair’s current hosting platform, coupled with the added value of having their servers physically located in Amsterdam. Supporting services, such as SQL and backups, are local to the servers, and clients can continue to use their existing Webair control panel to administrate accounts located in Amsterdam. Functions such as, automatic server reboots, Site/FTP/SQL/Backup/account management, and many others, will operate normally.

For more information on Webair’s new Amsterdam network center, and its exceptional line of products and services, visit www.webair.com or email sales@webair.com today.