XAhead Press Releases

MilitaryCash has the largest collection of exclusive military content, along with a department dedicated to updating and perfecting our military sites and content. These factors are essential and guarantee great conversion and retention ratios.

Note: The following are press releases that were released from XAhead over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

05/25/2002 - XAhead.com launches MilitaryCash.com

XAhead.com launches MilitaryCash.com

November 4, 2002 - XAhead.com has just launched their newest affiliate program, MilitaryCash.com! http://www.MilitaryCash.com launches today and is expected to be a huge hit!

MilitaryCash.com continues with the XAhead trend of 50/50 initial and recurring payouts, multiple processor billing, custom marker tags, free promotional content, and live affiliate support through email, telephone, and various instant messengers to make sure affiliates are always satisfied. Designed to have that unique army look and feel, MilitaryCash.com is the home of three different military sites. NakedSoldier.com, MilitaryMenLive.com, and BootCampRecruits.com all have
completely different lay-out styles and are very clean-looking which make them excellent converting sites. MilitaryCash.com has its own exclusive military content and because it's the first of its kind, these sites are expected to bring in high conversions and great retention with any kind of

Keep an eye out for the newest edition to this program, MilitaryMen.com (Coming Soon!)

To begin promoting any or all of the three military sites in this program, please visit http://www.MilitaryCash.com!