YNOT Webmasters Press Releases

Established in 1996 and based in San Diego, California, YNOT Network, LP owns and operates http://www.ynotmasters.com, the first and most comprehensive resource site for adult webmasters on the Internet. Cybernet Expo is currently in its 5th year and is a sponsored annual event for adult webmasters featuring workshops, exhibitors, parties and networking receptions.

Note: The following are press releases that were released from YNOT Webmasters over the past few years and are sorted in order of most recent to oldest.

05/20/2004 - YNOT Radio Officially Launches

The Adult Webmaster Radio Teams Up With New Management Company Bringing Listeners And Advertisers The Best Radio On The Web
Adult Webmaster radio is finally delivering what the listeners and advertisers need: A community based destination which offers high quality entertainment and education and maximizes return potential on all advertising dollars. With the recent addition of management and marketing team Daron "SEGuru" and Brandy Babin of Absolute Marketing, Inc. to The Adult Webmaster Radio family, the birth of YNOT Radio is now official and dominating the Internet airwaves. YNOT Radio is a 24/7 radio network with top notch programming already growing in leaps and bounds.
The Internet radio marketplace has proven to be a viable place to do business, and YNOT Radio is the perfect destination to spend time with friends, break the monotony of the daily grind, garner important information to stay ahead of the ever-changing Internet landscape and forge new business relationships. With several adult Internet radio networks currently online and more planned to launch in 2004, The YNOT Radio Network is poised to be the largest and most successful.
"For years, YNOTMasters.com has been the premiere resource site for the adult Webmaster marketplace. We have a solid reputation for being honest and delivering what we promise. After our wildly successful launch of TAW Radio last year we felt that the marriage between our company and Absolute Marketing was an excellent fit when the time came to develop YNOT Radio. Daron spent twelve years in broadcast production, including his tenure at NBC and Brandy worked at Clear Channel Communications and was also the Director of Public Relations for two of the largest independent advertising agencies in the U.S. Daron and Brandy have bridged the gap between adult and mainstream listeners, and have proven that they can stay ahead of the competition. The combined skills of everyone at YNOT Radio will now, without doubt, put out the best that Internet radio has to offer," states "YNOT Bob" Rice, President of YNOT Network, LP.
Daron "SEGuru" Babin adds, "Brandy and I originally approached YNOT because we have great respect for them and felt the current show line-up on their network was by far the best the industry has to offer. All of their sponsors are seeing a strong return on their advertising campaigns, and the fan base surrounding its programming and on-air personalities is second to none. Now, with the addition of the 24/7 format, professional marketing team, addition of professionally written and produced commercials and brand new campaign-styled advertising packages, now, more than ever is the perfect time for companies unfamiliar with the format of a successful Internet radio network to get on board and reach out to all kinds of potential customers in new and exciting ways and get the best bang for their buck. YNOT Radio is now THE destination for Internet radio."
Kicking off today's launch in style on the YNOT Bob Humpday Lunch Radio Show at a special earlier 11:00 a.m. (PT) / 2:00 p.m. (ET) airing this week, is an all-star line-up including the one and only Don King, outspoken adult legend Nina Hartley, as well as a few surprise guests who are sure to blow you away. Tune in, listen live and get into the chat at http://www.ynotradio.com.
About YNOT Radio
YNOT Radio is the premiere community-based destination for high-competition Webmasters offering unique and timely programming and is fully RIAA compliant. To become part of a rapidly growing lineup of educational and entertaining programming and to take advantage of incredible advertising opportunities for your upwardly mobile business, please contact brandy@seguru.net.
YNOT Radio... The destination for entertainment and education.

07/16/2003 - YNOTBOB Named President at YNOT!

July 16, 2003 - For the first time in over two years, there has been a shuffling of executive positions at YNOT Network, LP, owner and operator of Webmaster resource site YNOTMASTERS.com.
“YNOTBob” Rice, who has been with the company since February of 2000, has been promoted to the position of President in addition to his responsibilities as Vice President of Webmaster Sales and Advertising. Outgoing President Greg “Otto” Geelan remains with the company as Management Consultant, General Counsel, YNOTNEWS Editor, and Legal Chat Board Moderator.
YNOTBob states, “I have been very fortunate in my adult Internet career to be surrounded by the ethical and hardworking employees and leadership here at YNOT. I firmly believe that if you surround yourself with quality people, you will put out a quality product!”
He adds, “We still have many outstanding services and positive changes coming in the future. YNOT will continue to raise the bar and launch new features to help Webmasters maximize their online businesses. Otto’s hard work and dedication have been instrumental in creating the excellent infrastructure YNOT needs to keep growing. I am eagerly looking forward to this new challenge with open arms and I am very proud of the direction, business practices, and work ethic that we all worked so hard to establish here at YNOT for a long time running.”
Geelan had this to say about the changing of the guard: “When I took the position of President with YNOT in January of 2000, in addition to my previous position as General Counsel, I found the job extremely challenging. There was much to be done in regard to making the company more organized and efficient. There were few standard operating procedures and policies in place company-wide, including accounting, sales, business development, human resources and legal processes, and there was much that we wanted to do to improve the quality and quantity of services we were offering. It took a couple of years and a lot of hard work by a dedicated staff to turn the company into a fine-tuned, efficient machine.”
He continues, “Once everything was in place, I wanted to turn some of my time and attention to other challenges I’d been hoping to pursue. I approached the other YNOT executive staff about my desires, and they expressed interest in taking on more responsibilities. So over the past few months, we have been transitioning the executive team into their new roles, with Bob taking on more and more management duties. This has freed up time for me to work on the other projects as my role with YNOT evolved into a part-time position. While I am not leaving YNOT and my ongoing responsibilities with the company will remain my first priority, I am now able to devote a significant amount of time to other matters, which I am very excited about.”
As for passing the leadership torch on to YNOTBob, Geelan states, “Bob has been crucial to the success of YNOT and I am extremely confident in his ability to lead the YNOT team. I will fully support him in any way that I can and look forward to YNOT’s continued success under Bob’s tutelage.”
Geelan recently formed a law firm with Richard Chapo of AdultInternetLaw.com, which provides legal services to Webmasters and other clients. He plans to launch additional ventures in the months to come. The entire YNOT team wishes him all the best in his new endeavors.
Established in 1996 and based in Glendale, California, YNOT Network, LP owns and operates http://www.ynotmasters.com - the first and most comprehensive resource site for adult Webmasters on the Internet. Averaging approximately 5,000 unique Webmaster visitors daily, and considered to be the top adult resource portal by many adult Webmasters, YNOT continues to set the example in regard to credibility, integrity and leadership in helping Webmasters build, maintain, promote, market and grow a successful Internet business. For more information please email support@ynotmasters.com.

06/23/2003 - TAWRADIO.com Adds “Fresh Talk With ColetteX” To Its Growing Line-up

June 23, 2003 - Brought to you by the folks at http://www.ynotmasters.com and http://www.theadultwebmaster.com, the new TAWRadio is excited to announce its newest show, soon to be a staple in the adult Webmaster community! “Fresh Talk With ColetteX” airing every Tuesday at Noon (PT) / 3:00 p.m. (ET) only at http://www.tawradio.com brings together the first adult Webmaster Internet radio show aimed specifically at newbies and amateurs.

Fresh Talk will challenge Webmasters every week to improve their business and win great prizes. Through the lovely ColetteX and her weekly guests, the show will feature the “Fresh Five Challenge” in which total newbies will be given five intense weeks to substantially increase their conversions and traffic, talk about their progress and win great prizes courtesy of show sponsors http://www.sextoymerchant.com and http://www.adulttoypleasures.com. ColetteX will turn virgins into pros!

ColetteX of http://www.cxproductions.com as well as being a YNOTMASTERS amateur chat board moderator has been in the adult Internet since 1999 and will be sharing her knowledge every week with the community along with her guests on this soon to be popular one-hour show! So log on every Tuesday at Noon (PT) / 3:00 p.m. (ET) at http://www.TAWRadio.com, select your speed to listen live and jump into the chat room!

About TAWRadio
Launched in May 2003, http://www.tawradio.com currently features “The YNOT Bob Humpday Lunch” with YNOT Bob and LAJ every Wednesday at Noon (PT) / 3:00 p.m. (ET) and “Pillow Talk” with Twinkley every Friday at Noon (PT) / 3:00 p.m. (ET). For production and sponsorship opportunities please contact bob@ynotmasters.com and Danielle@theadultwebmaster.com.

Jay Kopita "LAJ"
Editor-in-Chief / YNOTNEWS
Communications Director / YNOTMASTERS
130 N. Brand Blvd. #200
Glendale, CA 91203
(323) 656-5461
icq# 92418228
Check out the Humpday Lunch Radio Show every Wednesday at Noon (PT) at http://www.TAWRadio.com

06/13/2003 - New YNOT Release for your consideration: YNOT Kill Zone

June 13, 2003 - Tired of programming or marketing all day and looking for a break? Looking for a new and exciting way to kill some time? Couldn’t care less about getting paid to post? Forget that nonsense and kill your time in the YNOT Kill Zone at http://www.ynotkillzone.com/! Brought to you by the staff at YNOTMASTERS.com, the YNOT Kill Zone (YKZ) will allow you to kill some time as well as a few other Webmasters!

Take multiplayer gaming to the next level by joining THE new online community of adult Webmasters and fight wars against your friends and industry nemesis! With message forums and live chat, an affiliate store at http://www.ynotkillzone.com/store.html featuring games and hardware, and several other exciting features, YKZ is the perfect place for gamers of all levels to network and battle it out with each other! So stop on by, login, suit up and grab a virtual M16…

YKZ supports several of the top first-person shooter games currently on the Internet including Counter Strike, Battlefield 1942, Quake III, Unreal Tournament, Castle Wolfenstein and several others as they are released. YKZ also provides a forum for competitive ranking between players and player groups (known as Clans). Compete in exciting battles on our dedicated server while your individual stats (http://www.ynotkillzone.com/stats.html) are recorded into the YKZ database. These cumulative stats, such as “most kills,” “most effective killer,” “most deaths” and “best maps” will help to generate the weekly winners of incredible prizes. Interested sponsors should contact admin@ynotkillzone.com.

Take advantage of the automatic game alert service that you can opt in for once you sign up! Registration is free, so visit http://www.ynotkillzone.com or server: irc.theadultwebmaster.com / channel: #ykz and let the games begin!



03/26/2003 - YNOTMASTERS Re-launches

YNOTMASTERS.com, home of the first and most comprehensive adult Webmaster resource site on the Internet, officially re-launches today. This event marks YNOT Network’s greatest upgrade and modification achievements in its seven-year history. Adding eight threaded chat boards and two-dozen moderators to the mix is just one example of what the new YNOTMASTERS has to offer. Numerous new features and improvements have also been added to the Webmaster Directory(sm) and Articles & Information sections. The popular weekly e-zine YNOT NEWS has undergone some exciting new changes as well. Additional upgrades and added services will be ongoing over the next several months.

VP of Webmaster Sales “YNOTBob” Rice states, “We have been preparing this launch for quite some time and couldn’t be more excited. We are taking the Webmaster community and our advertisers to an even higher level as we continue to build upon our highly useful list of products and services. Webmaster traffic and advertiser returns have always been strong, and now they are set to go through the roof! We feel that our sense of community, our wealth of resources, our strong brand recognition and our solid commitment to premium Webmaster service tops the list of why we have been successful for so long and will continue to be. I also want to personally thank our development team for their endless hours of programming and testing over the last several months.”

VP of Operations Gary “SuperG” Grigoryan adds, “All the ‘old-timers’ and many of the newer Webmasters in this industry will tell you YNOT was their initial gateway into the adult Internet. While the look and feel of YNOTMASTERS has changed over the years, its content, purpose, legitimacy and ability to stay focused in an ever-changing marketplace have always remained consistent. Our desire to help Webmasters build and grow their businesses in a purely educational and ethical atmosphere has always been a top priority. We feel that this latest enhancement of established services and the addition of eight new chat boards will continue to bring the leaders of today and tomorrow in our community together.”

With offices based in Glendale and San Diego, California, YNOTMASTERS.com is the premier website of the YNOT Network, which has been serving Webmasters since 1996. Home to the original Webmaster Directory(sm) now totaling over 10,000 double-opt-in e-mails, YNOTMASTERS consistently averages around 5,000 daily unique visitors and is nearing the top 9,000 highest trafficked websites on the Internet (according to Alexa®). For more information, please visit the site at http://www.YNOTMASTERS.com.

Contact: Jay “LAJ” Kopita, Communications Director at support@YNOTMASTERS.com